Cuckold story 6: cuckold turned

Six – Turned

To their friends, neighbours, and even their family, David and Emma remained the same. Outwardly they gave no indication of their altered status. They behaved, in public, as they had always done. David drove to work at the same old time, leaving at half-past-six, returning, usually, just shy of twelve hours later. Emma did the Tuesday and Friday stint at the charity shop. They shopped at Sainsbury’s and Asda on Thursday evening. Life went along, staid and constant as ever, most weekdays at least.

Weekends, however, were different. Very different.

Two months after Nathaniel had introduced David to his role in the proceedings, on a Thursday evening late on in September, summer having given up, a distant memory, the low sky glowering, a Churchillian frown of grey cloud, David parked the Audi in the drive.

He was glad to get inside the house. It had been a pig of a day, and on top of truculent clients, petty criminals who expected miracles, he’d half expected a deluge from above to make the journey home difficult.

David had been lucky, the rain had held off. He dropped his keys into the bowl on the shoe cupboard by the front door, anticipation spiking beneath his ribs when he heard Emma’s words.

“It’s arrived,” she said.

David gulped. “Has it?”

“I just said so, didn’t I?”

David flinched at Emma’s contemptuous tone. It was a stupid thing to say.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

“What you’re going to do,” said Emma, her chin nudging towards the stairs, “is get up there and get ready. You’ve got ten minutes.”

Excitement flared inside David. His stomach flipped. There was an edge in his voice when he asked, “Have you said anything to Nathaniel?”

A snort from Emma as she crossed her arms below her breasts.

“We’ll see how it goes. If you’re a good little slut I might call Nathaniel and give him a good report.” A nasty smirk crossed Emma’s face. “It all depends…” Emma sniggered and rolled her eyes. “So,” she added softly, “get upstairs and get ready.” She gestured to the floor above with a sweep of one arm. Pointing at the ceiling, Emma finished with, “If you’re good, and <i>if</i> you please me, I might, and I said <i>might</i>,” emphasised the woman, “tell Nathaniel about it. I might let you come with me at the weekend.”

David gaped at his wife for a few beats before shoving himself up the first three stairs in a hurry. He pushed off against the lintel at the foot of the staircase, scampering up to the second storey, eager to impress his wife. If he managed it to her satisfaction he might, he hoped fervently, be involved in a scene with Tia that weekend.

He was hard at the thought of it, his cock fully erect as he scrambled out of his clothes. Two minutes under the shower, another thirty seconds to towel dry. David was quick anxious to get started, nervous at the prospect of what he was about to endure. He was under no illusion that he had to accept what was going to be happening in a very short time.

David wondered, as he often did, about the changes his marital circumstances had wrought in him. The fateful meeting with Nathaniel and Philip had fundamentally affected Emma, caused all manner of alterations. The shift in Emma’s attitudes to all matters regarding her husband, sex, and her relationships had been huge, a seismic, and the only way David could maintain even a modicum of the status quo was to accept the union between him and Emma was over as they’d known it.

He laid on the bed, waiting, his mind going over the events of weeks recently gone by. There had been, at least on his part, huge emotional episodes. At first David couldn’t believe his wife could change so quickly. It seemed Emma had turned overnight. She embraced the queen of spades thing wholeheartedly, had given herself – mind and body – to Nathaniel. David found the speed of Emma’s conversion staggering.

Anger had followed in a brief, explosive rage that turned inwards when Emma reminded him he had engineered the initial meeting.

Acceptance came after a lengthy period of introspection. David had forced himself, at Emma’s insistence, to fully examine his motives for facing the humiliation of cleaning Philip’s jizm from Emma’s pussy. His ego took a battering, but in the end David reached an epiphany – Behaving that was had turned him on. He found a perverse pleasure in seeing his wife being used, and licking semen from her pussy had aroused him. At first David had been appalled at what he perceived as his own corrupted sexuality. Allowing himself to be humiliated wasn’t the proper way to behave.

But, surprisingly, it had been Emma who took him beyond the initial disgust.

David’s wife had sat him down one evening and laid it all out for him: She wasn’t going to give up her new lifestyle.

She enjoyed the trappings of their better-than-average income – loved her home, her volunteer job, the easy domesticity of living with David – but she would throw it all up for Nathaniel. As far as Emma was concerned she was owned. She had the brand on her buttock to prove her status as QOS.

“But you want to be part of it,” Emma had said. “You watched the video clip and it turned you on. You said it the night you cleaned me up.”

David’s face burned when the truth of it all came from Emma.

“You were all horny for Tia,” Emma continued. “So fucking turned on you were desperate for her.” Emma’s eyes had narrowed; she had stared at David, seen the conflict he was struggling with. “But that was just part of it, wasn’t it?” Emma’s words were a whisper. The silence that followed forced David to look at his wife’s face. “Fancying Tia is an excuse…” A laugh blurted from Emma. “…Not that you don’t really fancy her, that woman is so bloody sexy.” Emma smirked, unable to resist taunting her husband. “She’s better in the flesh, David,” she said, her voice low, expression mocking. “What you saw in the video…” Emma blew out her cheeks and let out a long sigh. “Nothing compared to seeing that girl for real.”

“Emma … Please…” David had moaned. His cock was hard, he felt a near overwhelming urge to look at the clip again, wanted to revisit the terrible sight of his wife steeped in perversion while he masturbated.

“You enjoy it, David,” Emma said, shrugging. “It’s a kink in your nature. You’re hiding behind a heterosexual façade, using Tia as an excuse, but I think what happened with Nathaniel and Philip has affected you, too. You’ve discovered something about yourself that’s as profound as my newfound self-awareness.

“Face it, David. The whole thing gets you hot.

“And, if you want to, I can try to convince Nathaniel to let you be a part of it.”

David had agreed after a day of introspection. He had examined everything fully and come to a decision. Life as it had been was over. Things were changed, irrevocably so, there could be no going back.

They had watched the video together, both masturbating, Emma’s queen of spades status precluding any physical interaction between the spouses. But as the pair reached their respective climaxes a new phase in their relationship began. Emma began to train her husband, prepared him for what was to follow.

David turned his recent experiences over in his head, waiting for Emma to arrive.

A few minutes after drying off he heard Emma’s tread on the landing. She moved past him, ignoring David completely as he lay on the bed.

Emma walked by, a colourful box in her hand, the door to the en-suite closing behind her.

David reached for his cock as soon as he heard the click. He played with himself, stroking his cock, thrilled by the sensations, throwing nervous glances at the door in case Emma caught him in the act. Masturbation was forbidden unless she gave him express permission, consent usually denied unless he was watching one of the video clips of her in action. David’s sex life had been reduced to masturbatory sessions in front of the television, with him wanking while Emma fucked herself with a rubber cock, their eyes on her being gang-fucked by Nathaniel’s crew.

David tugged at his cock, unable to resist the urge. It was about to happen. The test was upon him.

He immediately released his cock when the bathroom door opened, sitting up on the bed, palms down as he lurched upright and gulped at the sight of his wife.

Emma’s eyes gleamed with malicious intent, big breasts swaying, hair pulled tight in a ponytail, the intimidating length of black latex rubber, the recently arrived strap-on dildo, waggling in front of her.

“I’ll be kind to you the first time,” Emma grinned. She held up a small tube, one that could be mistaken for toothpaste or ointment. “I’ll use lube the first time.”

David blinked and forced himself to keep his hands away from his erection while Emma clambered onto the bed.

“Suck it first,” murmured Emma, lying prone, the rubber cock upright in her fist. “Pretend it’s Nathaniel’s dick,” she added. “Suck it like you mean it.”

“Can I touch myself?” David whined, his hand halfway to his lap.

“Not yet, maggot,” snapped Emma. She waved the dildo to-and-fro. “Just slurp on this for a bit. I want to see how you’ll perform if it was Nathaniel or Philip you were sucking.” Her sly grin broadened. Emma’s eyes narrowed to slits. “After all,” she added, “if you impress me we might be sharing a big black cock tomorrow night. Think about that, David.” Emma’s eyebrows arched as she murmured the half-promise. She jerked her hips in a signal that her husband should get down there and make a start. “You and Tia might be sucking Nathaniel’s dick tomorrow. She might let you lick her tongue after you’ve both sucked dick.”

“I-I’d like that,” David gasped, breathless at the thought of being so intimate with Tia, aroused by the image Emma put into his head.

Sucking Nathaniel’s cock? The very thought had David almost grabbing for his erection. He very nearly went for it, only managing to stop himself because the outcome would only be a postponement to his initiation. David knew that to disobey Emma’s rules would slide the timeline back. He’d been close before and messed it all up by a lack of discipline.

“I know you would, you pathetic worm,” hissed Emma. “You’d suck cock just to be close to her.” Emma waggled the latex length again. “Now get on it. Suck it. Make some noise. Spit on it and impress me. Do it right, and if you can take it in your arse without whinging you might get to play with the big boys.”

So David went to it. He slurped and licked and mumbled about how he loved to suck black cock. He fisted the length of the thing, his hand working as though he could really make the dildo spit. He looked up, lips stretched as he stared into his wife’s eyes, letting the bulging cock-head plop out of his mouth before he cranked at the shaft and mumbled, voice cracking with his own pent-up desire, “I want to take his spunk on my face. Oh, Emma,” David breathed, and in the second before he aimed the tip of the strap-on at his extended tongue, groaned, “All of it. I want one of those black cocks to shoot the hot stuff all over my tongue and face.”

“You filthy little worm,” Emma sighed, her eyes wide.

Emma’s tone, in conjunction with her newfound vocabulary sent a shiver of excitement through David. He took the dildo between his lips again, imagining it was the real thing.

“You nasty cuckold slut, added Emma.”

By then she had somehow contrived to work a hand between the malleable rubber plate at the base of the strap-on, the vaguely triangular section between the root of the dildo and her vulva. Emma worked her fingers around her sex, her manipulations hampered due to the tight fit of the arrangement.

“Get onto your front, you shit,” Emma snarled, frustrated in her attempts to get at her own sex. Determined to vent her irritation on her husband, Emma yanked her hand free and tugged on the straps to tighten the apparatus against her body.

“Face down,” Emma commanded, and then she was on her knees, reaching for the lube. A generous squirt of the stuff onto the latex knob, a dollop of the same onto the roundel of her husband’s sphincter, and Emma was set to go. She smeared the slippery gloop over the length of the dildo with one hand, miming a wanking action while she nudged David’s thighs wider with her knees.

“Oh God,” David mumbled, his face sideways on, one cheek pressed into the cornflower blue pillowcase. He reached back at Emma’s command, splaying his buttocks, exposing the delicate membrane of his anus.

“Take a big black cock,” Emma said, introducing the blunt end to the dark smudge.

David mumbled something, some garbled utterance that meant nothing to her. Not that it mattered if he were begging her to push it in or take it away; he was getting that thing in his arse. Emma nudged the cock-head at her husband’s vulnerable opening, meeting an elastic resistance until, with a touch more effort from her, she felt the thing sliding into David’s body.

“You dirty slut,” Emma whispered. She was laid along the length of David’s back, her breasts squashed against him. “You’re going to be a Sissy-boy for Nathaniel’s dick. He’s going to fuck your arse and you’re going to let him.”

“Yes,” David groaned, the sibilant a drawn out hiss. “That’s what I’ll be. I’ll be the same as you and Tia.”

“A filthy Queen of Spades Sissy-boy,” whispered Emma into her husband’s ear. “Now,” Emma continued, gently easing David onto his side, the dildo wedged in his anus. “Now you can wank. Tug your cock … I’ll fuck your Sissy arse. Do it, you pathetic piece of shit. Show me what a nasty pervert you are.”

“Emma,” grunted David, his fist working at his erection. “I want it all … Please…”

And Emma worked the dildo in and out of her husband’s greasy arsehole, fucking him, holding his hips as she probed deep into that dark place.

For David, taking the full length of that dildo was the pinnacle of all the training he’d undergone to date. They had started slowly. First it had been a finger in his anus, then a small vibrator. As David had grown more accustomed to having his sphincter stretched the girth of objects used increased. Finally, that evening, he had been ready, confident he could take an oversized dildo, more than happy to relinquish all control. David lay there on his side, his wife spooning from behind, his anus stuffed full of rubber cock while Emma thrust and he worked at his own cock.

“I’m going to come,” David grunted after less than a minute. “Fuck … Emma…”

“Do it,” Emma snarled, her hand pushing David’s fist off his cock. “Come for me. Do it while I fuck your arse.”

They lay there, connected by the strap-on, Emma’s hand cranking away at David’s cock as she him a reach-around. David groaned and gasped, his head rolling until, with a huge bellow blurting out of his mouth, semen jetted from the eye of his cock in violent spurts.

Emma kept on working her hand against her husband’s erection, jacking away until the eruption tapered to an ooze.

“Lick it off,” Emma, jamming her hand and its coating of jizm at David’s mouth. “Lick your spunk off my hand and then lick my cunt.”

And several minutes later, with David’s tongue slurping at her clitoris and bubbling opening, Emma climaxed heavily.

“That’s good,” she moaned. “I’m going to come. Make me come, you pathetic worm. Get me there and I’ll call Nathaniel. I’ll tell him you’re ready.”