Cuckold Story 5: Turning

Five – Turning

Emma was naked.

David looked at his wife, registered the fresh tattoo on her right buttock, saw the enflamed skin at the periphery of the playing-card design while Emma knelt on hands and knees, her sex offered to Philip’s cock.

“You want to join in?” Nathaniel murmured in David’s ear. “There’s something you’ve got to do.”

Kneeling on the sofa, with Philip behind her, Emma warbled, “I’m sore. My pussy … Oh fuck…”

Nathaniel laughed.

“Your wife’s had a hard weekend,” he said. “Maybe, if you’re a good boy, one day I might let you see how hard she works.” Nathaniel turned away from David. “You want Philip to stop?” he called.

“Fuck no,” grunted Emma in response. “I can take him one more time.”

“Good girl,” Nathaniel crooned. He moved to the settee and squatted, stroking Emma’s hair. “That’s what I expected to hear. You’re learning. You’re gonna be well worth that tattoo. You’re learning what it is to be owned.” He leaned in and kissed Emma’s mouth while David looked on. “You’re a Queen of Spades now.”

“In my pussy,” Emma squeaked. She winced and thrust back against Philip. “My poor pussy…” Gasping and wincing again, Emma added, “You’ve ripped me apart…” Her head rolled up and Emma caught her husband’s eye. She stared at him, eyes glazing as she mumbled, “I’ve been fucking black cock all weekend, my cunt’s been stretched.”

David sucked in a deep breath, his guts flipping, the corrosive jealousy squeezing his insides.

“Tia, too,” Emma continued. “Five black cocks for two dirty girls.” She grunted and moaned, head lolling. David saw Philip’s fingers digging into Emma’s hips. “You watched the video, didn’t you, David? You saw what happened … Well, me and Tia have been getting fucked like that since Friday night. We’ve both been properly fucked. Real men, David, proper men … We’ve been getting fucked by men who make us come. I can’t tell you how fucking good it is to feel a big cock inside me.” Emma moaned again, gasping and reaching back to claw at the man behind her. “Fuck me,” Emma grunted. “Give it to me. Fuck me … Come inside me again, Philip. My pussy is all yours.”

“Jesus,” David breathed, agog. “Emma … Fucking hell … Emma…”

“Tia’s a bad influence,” Nathaniel said, chuckling. He gave a half shrug, lifting one shoulder. “I think your wife picked up some of her nasty habits,” he added. “Tia likes to do the dirty talk.”

David managed to drag his attention away from his wife when Nathaniel touched his arm.

“Sit down,” Nathaniel said, his tone brooking no objection. “We can talk while Philip services the bitch.”

David sat in the chair he’d occupied for most of the time since Emma’s abrupt departure on Friday night. Nathaniel settled on the chair arm.

“You want to be part of this?” the black man asked.

David gulped and nodded. “Yes.” If that’s what it took to have Tia…

“Well, that’s kind of difficult…” Nathaniel stroked his chin and David looked up at him while Emma continued her enthusiastic commentary, making it clear to all that she was enjoying herself. “You don’t qualify,” the man added. “You don’t meet the criteria.”

“But…” David began.

“Sorry,” interrupted Nathaniel. He held up a hand to cut off any retort. “That’s just the way it is.” Nathaniel gave the half shrug again.

“Oh God,” Emma wailed. “I’m going to come. I’m fucking coming.”

David turned when he heard his wife’s exultant cry. He gulped again, eyes bulging as he watched Philip’s cock slide from her body. “Fuck,” he muttered, shocked yet deeply aroused when he saw Emma’s desire glistening on the dark length. David noticed a foamy residue around the root of Philips penis, the creamy lather evidence of his wife’s lust. “God,” David moaned. “Fuck her,” he muttered when, after Emma had rolled onto her back and spread her legs, Philip moved on top of her and slid back in, balls deep. “Fuck my wife.”

“You know,” Nathaniel said after a few seconds thought. He stood up. “There might be a way you could be part of this.”

“How?” asked David.

By then Nathaniel had kicked off his over-sized, pristine-white training shoes. He was sliding his tracksuit bottoms down as he grinned into David’s enquiring face.

“Come over here,” the black man said, the tilt of his head indicating the settee. “Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes.”

Philip was pumping hard at Emma’s body. David’s wife was making all kinds of noises – squealing and grunting, gasping and groaning. David could hear the liquid squelch of the Emma’s pussy around Philip’s girth, could see the man’s balls swinging. He squirmed and stared as they bounced off the crease between Emma’s buttocks.

“I’m going to come again,” Emma wailed. She was scrabbling at the sofa, urgently forcing herself up and on to Philip’s cock. “Rip me apart,” she grunted, her face twisted into a rectal grimace. “Tear my pussy apart with your lovely cock,” Emma snarled.

“Give it to her, Philip,” Nathaniel said. He was standing in front of the debauched tableau with his cock in his fist. “Fuck the bitch. Come in her.

David stood close by and stared down at his wife’s body. Emma was stretched wide, her legs waggling, feet waving while Philip thrust into her, grinding deep.

“Yes,” David heard Philip grunt. “Fuck … Yes…” Philip pulled back and forced himself even deeper, his hips jerking in time with each word that was forced out of him. “Again,” Philip mumbled, head rolling, his neck stretching as his back arched and he stared wall-eyed at the ceiling. “In … Your … White … Cunt.”

“Look at that,” Nathaniel said, his voice low, close to a whisper. “See that stuff my friend just pumped into your wife?” There was a pause while David gaped down at the trickle of semen dribbling out of Emma. “You want to be part of this scene? Clean it up. Get down there on your knees and lick her pussy.”