Cuckold story 7: Sissy boy

Seven – Sissy-Boy

The sissy-boy opened the door. She wondered, briefly, if any of the neighbours had seen the trio who had climbed out of the silver Merc. What would they make of Tia in her high heels, obviously pregnant in her incongruous outfit of tiny tartan kilt and tight white blouse? What would they say about two black men accompanying her to the door?

“Look at you,” Tia said when she saw the sissy-boy all dressed up.

The sissy-boy’s cheeks flushed red. She stepped back, wobbled a little, still uncertain in her new high heels.

“Where’s my lovely lady?” asked Tia as she pushed past the sissy-boy. “Emma!” she called. “Where are ya, Emma?”

“Looking good, bitch,” Nathaniel smirked as he crossed the threshold.

The sissy-boy blinked and avoided the grin, her eyes downcast.

Following behind Nathaniel, Philip walked into the house, economical with his words as usual. He just glanced at the sissy-boy as he went past.

When the guests were all inside, the sissy-boy closed the door on the world outside. She belonged to them now. The four people inside the house had complete control of her. She shivered, thrilled at the prospect.

Everyone gathered in the living room, with Nathaniel sitting in the armchair, Tia and Philip side-by-side on the sofa while Emma stood in the centre of the room, her contemptuous gaze on the sissy-boy. The sissy-boy stood in the doorway, eyes meekly set at a downward angle of forty-five degrees. She knew to avoid eye contact, merely waited for someone to give her a command.

Emma’s attention moved from the sissy-boy to the platinum blonde on the sofa. She eyed Tia’s distended belly. “You look gorgeous,” she said.

Tia smiled and rubbed the palm of one hand over her bump. “And you look fuckin’ sexy,” she responded. “I dunno what it is,” she added with a wry chuckle, “but being pregnant makes me horny as fuck.”

Emma shivered, goosebumps rising on her arms under the intense scrutiny. “You’re always horny, Tia,” she muttered, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah,” said Tia, laughing. “But it’s worse seeing you all dressed up.”

“<i>Un</i>dressed is more like it,” Emma replied. She glanced down at herself, her palms sliding over naked skin, hands moving from her hips to her breasts, an expression of feline satisfaction on her face as though touching her own body gave her immense pleasure, as though her skin was made of silk. “Speaking of which,” Emma added, “how come everyone else is still covered up?”

In her stockings and heels, heavy breasts swaying, Emma got down onto her knees. She crawled across the carpet towards the chair, kneeling upright when she reached Nathaniel.

“Can I kiss your cock?” Emma asked, smiling up towards Nathaniel’s face.

Nathaniel chuckled, nodding. “About time,” he said. Up went his hips, down came the baggy tracksuit bottoms, and out flopped his impressive cock. He jacked his penis with one hand for several strokes. “Here, bitch,” Nathaniel added, “get it started. The other three should be here in an hour … maybe an hour and a half … but I’m in the mood to fuck my bitches now.”

“I miss your lovely cock when we’re not together,” Emma said in a petulant whine. She cranked a fist up and down, pouting at Nathaniel before, her stare locked on the black man’s face, she licked the blunt cock-head.

By then Tia had risen to her feet and unpinned the kilt. She cast it aside and, naked from the waist down, turned to face Philip. Tia was standing there, her feet apart, shoes planted firmly on the floor, fists on her hips while black fingers slid through her vulva.

“Come here, you sissy bitch,” Nathaniel growled when he caught the sissy-boy staring at the debauched scene. He gestured, arm curling at the elbow to indicate his wish. “Get down on your knees and help this one suck my dick.”

“You dirty slut,” breathed Emma when the sissy-boy, in her heels, stockings, filmy chemise and blonde wig joined her at the altar of Nathaniel’s penis. “Suck the black cock, you fucking worm,” she muttered. “Go on; get your lips around the big fucker.”

“Yes, mistress,” the sissy-boy, mumbled, her eyes fixed on the daunting girth Emma presented her with.

“You two are fucking mental,” Nathaniel said, his head going side-to-side. He could hardly believe what he’d created. The husband and wife kneeling in front of him had been an average couple until fate had hooked them up.

In a lighter tone, his voice amused, Nathaniel added, “You got the bitch well trained though, Emma.”

The sissy-boy sucked and slurped at the black cock. She loved holding the thing in her hand, savoured the weight of it and marvelled at its size before lapping at the head. Sucking the real thing was so much better than pretending with the strap-on. The black cock in her mouth, the one stretching her lips, pulsed with life, and the sissy-boy wished she was allowed to touch her own pale dick.

“Suck it,” Emma muttered into the sissy’s ear. “Taste that fucking thing. Go on, lick it all.”

“Oh!” blurted the sissy when Emma took the cock from her. “Please … Can I have it back soon?” she whined.

Emma sucked Nathaniel’s length and teased the sissy with her eyes. “You’re a cock-hungry whore,” she said as she worked a fist up and down the long black trunk. “Hungry for black cock, aren’t you? Here,” Emma added, holding Nathaniel ready for the sissy’s lips. “Suck on it some more. Make some noise. Show me how much you love it.”

The sissy moaned and grunted, her tongue and lips moving over the black cock for a minute or two while Emma looked on, one hand jacking the length of cock not taken by the sissy’s mouth, one hand working at her cunt.

Then Nathaniel took control of his penis, replacing Emma’s fingers with his own hand. He placed the palm of his free hand on the sissy-boy’s head, right on the crown of the wig.

“This is what you’re good for,” he added, eyes on the sissy-boy’s face. “White sissy sucking black man’s cock.” Nathaniel’s heavy stalk slapped with meaty thwacks against the sissy-boy’s cheeks.  I’m gonna fuck your wife,” he added. “And when I’ve fucked her so she’s good and wet, you’re gonna lick her off my cock.”

“Oh God,” the sissy-boy groaned. “I want to touch myself.”

“None of that, maggot,” interjected Emma. “You’re not here to play with your tiny white cock. You’re here to suck black dick and watch while me get fucked.”

“Your wife’s gonna get fucked right in front of you,” Nathaniel put in, taking up the refrain. He smirked down at the sissy-boy as she knelt in front of him, her mouth gaping. “You’re gonna see it all. Me and Philip will do her, and when the others get here, they’re gonna do it to her, too.” Nathaniel pushed the head of his cock at the sissy-boy’s mouth, forcing her red-painted lips further apart. “Your wife’s gonna get filled with our spunk.”

The sissy-boy stared at Nathaniel, her mouth filled with black meat. She mumbled something and Nathaniel laughed. “Keep sucking,” he said. “Let’s see how you handle all of that.”

“Will you fuck me?” Emma said as she staggered to her feet. “Please, Nathaniel, fuck me now.”

“In a sec, bitch. Let this,” he nodded at the sissy-boy, “suck my dick for a while longer. I like it best when you make some noise. Let’s hear it,” added Nathaniel. “I wanna hear you moan, sissy. I wanna hear you tell me how you wanna suck my black cock.”

“You dirty fucker,” Tia gasped from across the room. “That’s so fuckin’ horny. Him sucking that cock.” She unbuttoned the tight white blouse and freed her round breasts. Tia squeezed her tits, thumbs sliding over thick, elongated teats as she teased her nipples into points of excited flesh. “You wanna lick my pussy?” Tia asked when she saw the sissy looking at her.

Tia’s voice was strung high, her excitement obvious, and the pitch of it grabbed the sissy-boy’s attention.

The blonde held herself open, her sex pouting, exposing her core to the sissy-boy’s hungry stare.

Philip was on his feet, removing his clothes, watching the interaction between Tia and the sissy.

“Lick my pussy,” Tia insisted. She moaned and winced, her finger slipping over the nub of her clitoris. “I’m fucking horny. I wanna come.”

As she‘d been instructed to do by Emma in an earlier briefing, coached in the etiquette expected of one so lowly placed in the hierarchy, the sissy-boy crawled across the carpet on her hands and knees. She reached Tia, her cock hard at the thought of licking the blonde’s pussy.

“I love you,” the sissy-boy murmured as her head dipped in between Tia’s legs.

“I fuckin’ know you do, you pansy,” Tia replied. “But shut up and lick my cunt.”

The sissy-boy stroked her cock and lapped at Tia’s sex, grateful for the blonde’s indulgence.

Emma watched the sissy-boy lapping at Tia’s vulva. Then, when she felt a touch on her hip she turned and looked down.

“For me?” she murmured when confronted with the sight of Nathaniel’s thick penis.

“Get aboard,” the man said. He waggled his dick. “Sit on it,” he snarled.

Emma swung a foot over Nathaniel’s outstretched legs. Facing him, she squatted, fingers splaying the flaps of her labia as, chin on chest, with her mouth hanging slack, she lowered herself towards the saliva-smeared dome.

“Fuck,” groaned Emma when her body took half of Nathaniel’s length.

“Oh yeah,” the black man responded, his dark fingers closing over Emma’s breasts. “Shove your big tits in my face, bitch,” he muttered.

The sissy-boy turned at Emma’s groan. She lay curled at Tia’s feet and watched her wife’s pink and very stretched pussy take the black cock. She twisted round, her head turning to regard the couple, Tia and Philip, sitting side-by-side on the sofa.

“What have I become?” the sissy-boy, mumbled.

Tia had Philip’s cock in one hand. She sneered down at the sissy-boy between her feet.

“You let your wife get herself owned,” Tia said, waving Philip’s cock to emphasise her point. “You stood by while she earned her queen of spades tattoo. Now,” continued the blonde, her fist working faster, “you’re at the bottom of the heap. The black men own me and Emma, and we all own you.”

At her side, Philip let out a groan. Tia looked at him and smiled. “Is that good, baby?” she asked, quickly adding, “Don’t come yet.” She turned to look at the sissy-boy once again, her stare locked on the sissy’s face. “Don’t come yet, baby, Tia repeated with a murmur. Smirking, she added, “You’ve got to save it for Emma’s pussy. You’ve got to save all that cum for her.”

When she saw the expression on the sissy’s face – a cocktail of horror and lust, a look that revealed all the complex emotions the sissy currently felt – Tia worked the barb deep.

“All that cum your big balls can make,” Tia continued, her voice thick and treacly. She knew what could happen when the black men let go inside a woman’s pussy. Her own swollen tummy was evidence enough. “You and the others,” Tia groaned, her hand moving between her legs. “You and Nathaniel and the other three all pumping Emma full of all that lovely stuff.”

She leaned forward, her face close to the sissy-boy’s tortured countenance. Whispering, voice cracking, Tia ended with, “That’s what’s gonna happen. All the men are going to give Emma all their cream. Right in deep. They’re gonna fill her unprotected pussy with their seed.”

To Tia’s satisfaction she saw the sissy’s throat work.

“That’s right, sissy,” Tia continued. She rubbed a hand over her swollen belly. “The boys are gonna smash Emma’s pussy and fill her with spunk. They’re all gonna cum in her unprotected pussy. Your wife’s gonna have black man’s cum inside her.”

“Oh God,” the sissy-boy breathed, her eyes round at the revelation. She knew all that, anyway. None of it was news. But to hear it coming from Tia made her want to touch her cock. “Can I clean all the boys when they’ve finished?” she whined.

“You can get over here and clean this bitch off my cock,” Nathaniel called. The sissy turned to see Emma easing off Nathaniel’s length, the shaft of the thing smeared with her desire. “Then I’m gonna fuck your sissy arse,” the man added. “Philip’s gonna dump a load in your wife – the bitch we own … And I’m gonna initiate your white arsehole while you watch it all happen.”

To the sissy-boys delight and humiliation, that’s exactly what happened.

Nathaniel repeated his order that the sissy-boy to suck Emma from his long, dark cock. Which is exactly what she did, slurping and slobbering and moaning about how good it all tasted and how she wanted to tug her own little dick. Then, when Nathaniel was satisfied that not a trace of Emma remained, and while Philip laid her wife down on the sofa and spread her legs, the sissy-boy knelt and offered her virgin anus.

“I broke her in with the strap-on,” Emma mumbled, her face falling slack after she spoke, Philip’s girth stretching her.

“Fuck him,” Tia whispered to Nathaniel as the black man crouched low over the sissy-boy’s back.  “Oh God, fuck his arse.”

Across the room Emma glanced up at Philip, her bottom lip between her teeth, eyes adoring. “Fuck my pussy,” she squeaked. “Drill me and let me have all your cum.”

Tia watched it all, her eyes going from Nathaniel penetrating the sissy-boy’s dirty-hole to Philip plunging into Emma. She rubbed herself, fingers moving over her clit, breath coming in puffs as she got herself to a quick, intense orgasm. Minutes later Tia was there again, a second climax rolling over her when she heard Philip grunt.

“Squirt her with the hot stuff,” Tia mewled, her hand a blur between her legs, her cunt swollen.

At the same time, as though on cue, Nathaniel muttered a curse and let himself go, the root of his cock wedged tight inside the sissy-boy’s sphincter, semen flooding her rectum.

“Fuck,” the sissy-boy blurted, her hand cranking at her cock. “I’m full of black cock … Emma,” she groaned, “I’m full of him. It burns; having him there burns and itches.” And then, as her pale dick squirted semen onto the carpet and the sissy-boy came, she groaned out loud that she could feel Nathaniel’s cock pulsing, the flood of his seed spurting into her anus.

When the other three arrived, the rest of Nathaniel’s crew, things got even nastier.