Cuckold story 1: The begining

Emma Sykes gave him the opportunity to change his mind. It was almost too late, but her husband could still call it off if he wanted. It had been his idea after all. David Sykes had driven it from the beginning. Emma had agreed after careful and very serious deliberation and, having eventually reached her decision, wasn’t going to give her husband any cause for blaming her for the project’s curtailment. If anyone was going to pull the plug, it would have to be him.

“You’re sure?” asked Emma. “Absolutely certain? Once it’s done we can never undo it.”

“I know that,” David snapped. “I thought we’d been over all this before. I thought we’d both agreed.”

“As long are you’re sure.”

They were at the hotel, the Premier Inn within spitting distance of the Tower of London, had travelled down by train earlier in the day. Travelling by rail had two advantages – no problems with traffic and parking, and they could drink. By the time the phone call came through, eagerly anticipated and dreaded in equal measure, both David and Emma were feeling the buzz of Dutch courage.

Emma, thirty-five, honey-blonde hair tied in a ponytail, high-heels on her feet, wearing stockings, garter belt and a gossamer chemise, with her legs straight out in front of her on the big bed, her back against two plumped up pillows, sighed. Anticipation coiled inside her. She was nervous, and more than a little frightened sitting there waiting. She felt like a sacrifice, wondering how she had let her husband talk her into it.

David, thirty-six, short brown hair, with an unremarkable face, the kind of man that went unnoticed in a crowd, stared at his wife for a couple of beats. Then he swallowed, his eyes sliding away from her face.

To Emma it seemed he was considering the question, seriously considering it as if, suddenly confronted with cold reality, he had a change of heart and he didn’t want to see her do it.

Then he surprised Emma by saying, “I’m sure.”

Emma heard the croak in her husband’s voice and offered him one final chance. “Once it’s done” she said.

David chewed his lip while the bald fact of Emma’s statement hung in the air. He sat in the utilitarian chair, its purple upholstery the trademark colour of the hotel chain. He looked at his wife, looked her right in the eye. “I know,” he murmured.

David couldn’t tell his wife was a seething ball of anxiety, Emma kept it all inside. All he saw was her shrug, as though she didn’t care either way. He took Emma’s ambivalence as a good sign.

They both jumped, startled by the ringing phone, the accompanying vibration in synch with the ring tone causing the device to jump and skitter across the shelf attached to the panel around the bedhead.

Husband and wife stared at each other while the moment stretched. Time passed, elastic and unreal.

“All right,” Emma said, eventually. “So answer the phone.”

A pause and then David heaved himself out of the chair.

“Remember,” added Emma as he rose, “you wanted this.”

One – The Cuckold

Because all the doors leading from reception were locked, requiring a keycard for access, David went down to meet the visitor.

Emma was surprised when her husband returned. She had expected one man to be with David, but there were two of them. Her tummy flipped with dreadful anxiety when they walked in. It was like Christmas and a trip to the dentist in one go. A heavy sinker dropped into the pit of her stomach. The moment was upon her. Shocked, Emma sat rigid on the bed when the first one appeared.

He walked in, confident, smiling, predatory eyes going straight to her.

Emma gaped back at him, eyes round as she dimly registered some detail.

The first man was somewhere in his forties, tall, obviously well-built, latent power apparent even through his clothes. Emma had a vague impression of close-cropped hair against a skull shaped like a cannonball, white teeth glinting in his smirk. He was good-looking, she registered, the overall effect attractive in a dangerous way. The man was a bad boy, with all the charm and charisma of his ilk. Emma felt the pull between her legs, shifting her rump against the mattress in an unconscious attempt to scratch the itch that tickled her inside.

The second man, much younger, taller and slimmer than the first, stepped to one side when the first man halted. He wore his hair long, dangling dreadlocks framing a lean face. Emma had time to record an impression that the second man was more serious-faced than his friend, decent-looking but not as charismatic before her attention was claimed by the click of the door closing behind her husband.

Emma felt the men’s eyes on her as she looked at her husband. It was plain enough that David was out of his depth. To her it seemed the men’s presence filled the room. They were so intimidating, their looming appraisal menacing. She returned her stare to them for a second or two before her eyes slid back beyond them to her husband.

David stared back at her, his eyes confirming Emma’s estimation of the situation.

Then the first man spoke. “Nice,” he said, his age and experience making him the natural leader. He stroked his chin, his eyes crawling over Emma’s body. “Very nice,” he added.

On the bed, Emma shivered. Her skin prickled when the weight of the man’s stare brought goose-pimples out on her arms.

The man turned to face David. “You staying?” he asked.

David’s head moved quickly. He nodded, and Emma saw him frown. She could tell her husband was puzzled. She had seen the email exchanges and realised her husband was wondering about the presence of the second man. There had been an arrangement, plans for a meeting in the hotel and a threesome. It was obvious to Emma her husband had been thrown by the additional body and the man’s question.

“Yes,” David replied. “That’s what we said”

The man turned away, disregarding David immediately, dismissing him from the proceedings.

He looked at Emma again, saying, “Stand up, baby. Let’s see what we’ve got. Give us a good look at you.”

Emma threw another look at her husband. Would he do something? Was David going to say anything? This really was the last opportunity to call it off. They could still stop it. It wasn’t too late, or at least she thought it wasn’t too late. The fact there were two men in the room with them gave her some doubt. And they didn’t look the sort to just take it. To Emma, the men, especially the bigger one, didn’t come across as the type who would shrug and say: Oh, okay, no problem. Changed your mind? Not an issue. We’ll see ourselves out.

But David just looked at her, insignificant and half-hidden by the two black men, his mouth working, soundless.

“Come on,” the first man cajoled.

Emma recognised the man’s accent as generically London, but couldn’t place him as south or north of the Thames. He could have come in from Essex or Kent for all she knew.

Then all thoughts of geography and linguistic nuance evaporated. The man gestured at her, long fingers beckoning. “Stand up. We want to see you.”

Emma blinked, gulped and then eased her legs off the bed. Then she just stood there, trembling.

“I don’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered.

The man grinned. “You’re doing it, all right.” He nudged an elbow into his friend. His chin jutted towards Emma. “Isn’t she, Philip?” he added.

Philip smirked and nodded, dreads swinging in a curtain around his face. He said nothing while the first man craned his neck to regard David behind them.

“Tell her,” the man said. “Tell your wife she’s really going to do it.” His tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth. He winked. “Tell her she’s gonna suck cock Two cocks Two black cocks.”

Emma’s shoes moved. She took tiny little steps, almost dancing on the spot as she squirmed, her thighs rubbing together, heat flaring between her legs. “Oh God,” she murmured, eyes going wide.

She was thrilled by the authority in the man’s tone, nearly overwhelmed by his complete mastery of the situation. His utter dominance by physical presence and confident demeanour sent a trickle of something inexpressible through Emma. She was drawn by sexual allure, shocked at her own body’s response.

It was a defining moment.

The man chuckled and shook his head, his gaze returning to Emma. He clicked his tongue again, tutting while his head moved side-to-side. “Tell her,” he said, throwing the repeated instruction over his shoulder to David while keeping his eyes locked on Emma. His voice made it very clear who the alpha male was in the scene, his tone signalling to everyone present just who it was running things. “Tell your wife she’s going to be a good girl. Tell her she’s going to suck cock. Tell her she’s going to suck cock at one end while she gets fucked at the other. Tell her!” he insisted when David didn’t respond immediately.

David gulped and stuttered, cowed by the aggression in the man’s tone.

“Yuh-you’re going to suck cock, Emma.” He swallowed again, blinking, heat rising in his face. “You’re going to suck cock and get fucked.”

Still doing her little dance, somehow resisting the urge to touch herself down below, Emma saw the grin on the man’s face. She threw a glance at her husband.

“Oh God,” she murmured.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” the first man said. He offered her a fox in the chicken coup smile and tilted his head. “It’s what you really want. Black cock.” The man chuckled and nodded slowly. “Tell him, Emma. Tell your husband you want to fuck black cock.”

Emma sucked a breath in through her nose. Her jaw slackened. It was a strange sensation but she felt a near overwhelming compulsion to agree. Fifteen years of marriage to David had seen one brief affair, and he admitted to the same in a time of tension, a time they had both agreed to admit their transgressions without blame.

Then another stumble, another one-night-stand, caused by boredom and complacency probably, had led them to the point where they were experimenting, both looking for ways to mix it up. Emma had seen the dangers of David’s suggestion they meet a stranger for casual sex; she’d heard threesomes could go wrong – strong emotions catching people off-guard. Emma would have preferred a swingers’ club, a more level playing field, a fluid environment where they could remain a couple. This was too strong, too much too soon. They should have gone for another woman.

But they were in that hotel.

And there were two of them.

And they were both black, both good-looking.

And the one doing the talking was so dominant, so powerful and persuasive.

All of a sudden, mesmerized by the man’s controlling presence, Emma wanted do please him. She wanted to do everything, just as he’d described it.

The man walked towards her and stroked the exposed skin of her bare upper arm. Emma’s head turned at the caress; she stared at where his fingers contrasted against her flesh.

“Tell him,” the man whispered.

His mouth was close to her ear. He was touching her. It was all going to happen just like the man said. Emma’s mouth worked, no sound coming out while she shivered and stared at her husband.

It was like she was seeing David for the first time. It felt like her husband was a stranger to her.

The whisper came again – narcotic, seductive: ”Tell him you want to fuck black cock. Tell your husband you want to feel what it’s like to get fucked by real men.”

“I” Emma began.

Her legs were shaking; she could feel her skin tingling where the man had touched her.

She tried again, warbling, “I”

Emma could see David clearly, her attention focused on her husband’s face. He was just standing there, apparently enthralled or horrified, she wasn’t sure which. The expression could have been related to either emotion.

To her eyes he seemed weak, ineffectual, and it dawned on Emma in that moment that he couldn’t do anything to stop the men from doing what they wanted. They were in control, especially the man doing all the talking.

She felt the pulse between her legs. Emma’s nipples tightened and her stomach churned. An insistent throb started up around her clit. Desire trickled out of her.

Then the words came, thick and glutinous and laden with yearning.

“I want to fuck black cock,” croaked Emma. “I want to feel what it’s like to get fucked by real men.” She paused, glancing again at the second man before she turned to the man at her side. “I want to suck your cock,” she murmured, unable to look him in the eye, withering under the force of his stare. Emma felt his will. “I want to suck both your cocks,” she added, mumbling. “I want both of you to fuck me.”

That’s what it’s all about,” the man said. He smirked, voice triumphant. He squeezed Emma’s arm, fingers tightening around her bicep. “Lie down, baby,” he murmured. “Spread those long legs. Show us your pussy.” He chuckled and winked at his friend, continuing with, “Your husband’s going to lick you. He’s going to get you ready for us. You’ve got to be wet, baby. Nice and wet so’s you can take black cock.”

Emma heard the quick sound of a zip being undone. She glanced down and saw the obscene length of the man’s cock arcing from the gap in his baggy, low-slung jeans.

“Fuck” she breathed.

The man chuckled again. “Yeah,” he said. “Big, isn’t it?”

Emma gulped and nodded, somehow dragging attention to the man’s face, her eyes coming up reluctantly from the awful threat of that appendage just hanging there.

“Yes,” she murmured, awed.

“Touch it, baby,” he replied.

Emma moaned when she felt the weight of that thing. She lifted it and curled her fingers around it, the length lying along her forearm.

“Shit,” she heard her husband gasp. “Emma” David breathed. “Please, Emma”

But by then Emma was caressing the black cock with a forehand grip; her hand moving back and forth along its length while she offered her mouth for a kiss.

David was back in the chair, the seat shiny and well-worn beneath him as he watched black fingers ease his wife’s underwear down her legs. He could only stare when Emma clambered onto the bed with enthusiastic haste, her breasts swinging, her body masked only by the thin gossamer chemise.

She was going to do it. Emma, his wife was really going to let both men have her.

And he was going to see it.

A hollow yawn opened in his guts, a heavy, dragging ache of jealous dread mixed with morbid fascination.

It took a second for David to realise the man had spoken to him, was standing there smirking while Emma settled on the bed, her eyes wide, expression expectant.

“Lick her pussy,” the man repeated. “Suck your wife’s pussy while she sucks our cocks.”

David lifted himself out of the chair and began to unbuckle his belt until the man’s bark stopped him.

“Keep your clothes on,” the man said. He pouted at David, a moue of disapproval as though the white man was a child caught with his hand in the biscuit barrel. “Just get down and kiss her pussy.” His face twisted into a sneer. “That’s your job,” he said. “You get your wife ready for us. We’ll do what needs to be done to satisfy her.”

“But” David said, only able to utter that single word before he was abruptly cut-off.

“I don’t think you get it,” the man said. He tapped the side of his head, the tip of a forefinger against his temple. “Are you thick or something?”

David gulped at the animosity in the man’s expression. A spike of fear bit into his chest. His sphincter tightened.

“You,” the man continued, “don’t get to give any orders. You don’t get to have a say.”

There was a pause while David blinked and looked gormless.

“You’re lucky I’m even letting you even stay here with us,” said the man. “I’m doing you a favour. You should think yourself lucky I’m letting you lick her.” The man stabbed the same forefinger he’d used to tap the side of his head at David. “I should make you sit there and watch while we turn your wife into a black man’s slut but I’m in a good mood today.”

He turned to Emma and winked before returning his hostile appraisal back to David.

“Your wife’s good-looking; she’s sexy; I like her. I’m gonna enjoy breaking her in. Thinking about her pink pussy around my cock makes me feel good.” He shrugged and finished with, “So I’m being nice. You can get her ready for us. And make the most of it ‘cause after we’ve finished with her, she isn’t going to want your little dick again. After you’ve done the groundwork” he grinned “you’re gonna watch her get fucked.”

David stared at the man, his mouth opening and closing, his thoughts whirling and tumbling. He looked away for a few seconds, saw his wife on the bed and muttered about why he’d let things go this far before glancing at Philip, his eyes eventually settling back on the first man’s face.

“Your choice,” the man murmured. “Get on the bed and lick her cunt, or fuck off out of it. Leave if you want but she stays here. With us.”

David’s throat worked as he swallowed heavily. He took a step towards the bed, threw a final glance at the man and then felt the mattress dip beneath his hands as he climbed aboard. He settled onto his stomach, fully clothed. His wife’s sex was there in front of him. David looked up and met Emma’s eyes as she stared at him along the front of her body.

“God,” David mumbled. “Emma”

“You wanted it,” Emma replied as she rested on her back and supported herself on her elbows, legs wide while her accusing stare confronted him. “You started it. You arranged it.”

David flinched at the charge. He couldn’t deny any of it. It was the truth.

“I said we should go to a club. It would have been the same for both of us in a club.”

“We could still do that,” David whined. “It doesn’t have to be like this, Emma.”

“You prick.” Emma’s reply shocked her husband. She saw the hurt and surprise in his face. “You think I’m going to pass up the opportunity to play with that huge cock?” Her eyes rolled, incredulous. “I’m wound up for it now, Dave. I’m a bit pissed up and very horny.” Emma shook her head. “Oh no,” she added. “I’m here now and I’m going to enjoy myself.”

“Get to it,” the man said, interrupting the exchange as he knelt on the bed close to Emma’s head. “Lick her. Give it your best while she sucks our cocks.”

David watched while the man touched Emma’s head and directed her towards his penis.

Seeing his wife’s tongue snake out to lick the pale bulb of the cock-head was agony. How could she do it after what the man had said? It felt like betrayal.

“Lick her or you’re out of here,” the man growled. “I’ll fucking throw you out myself if you don’t fucking get onto it.”

Cowed and humiliated, David leaned in to suck Emma’s pussy. What choice did he have?

Then, as he joined them all on the bed, as he dipped in towards his wife’s pussy, just before he tasted her, David saw Emma turning her head towards Philip’s long cock.

“Sit there,” the man said. He was pointing to the chair. “It’s time for her to get a feel for black cock. You sit there and watch.”

David crawled away from his wife’s body. He stood up and looked down at her, saw her wide-legged and glazed-eyed. Emma’s chin and cheeks were smeared with pre-cum and saliva. Her lip-gloss had gone, completely destroyed from five minutes sucking and slobbering at two cocks. Her hair was a ruin, loose and tangled after both men had pawed at her, grasping handfuls as they pulled her attention back and forth.

Numbed by the experience, overwhelmed at the speed in which his life had turned upside down, bereft of ideas, David shuffled over to the chair. He couldn’t think, was unable to comprehend how quickly Emma had succumbed to the man’s will. He sat down and watched it all unfold, bore witness to his wife being pleasured by two black men.

“She’s wet,” David heard the man say. He looked up from where he’d been staring at the pattern on the carpet between his feet. The man was holding up a hand, his fingers shiny with the desire he’d felt between Emma’s legs. “She’s hot for us,” the man added. “You did a good job making her come.” He grinned. “But now it’s our turn. We’re gonna fuck your wife.”

Both men clambered off the bed and began to take off their clothes. They were naked in less than thirty seconds.

While the two black men undressed the speaker continued to taunt David.

“I’m going to really enjoy fucking your wife,” he said. “And you know she’s gonna love it. They all do, you know. White women; they cream up for black cock.” He shrugged and pulled a face. “Happens all the time,” he added. “White women want a black man’s dick. It’s the natural way of it, man. They know inside” He patted the left side of his chest and continued with, “In their hearts white women know a black cock is going to do a better job than any white one. They know a black snake will fill them and satisfy them.” He lifted his heavy length and showed it to David. “I mean, just look at this fucker.”

David gaped into the man’s rueful smirk.

“Your wife’s going to love this.”

Then the man paused and nodded thoughtfully.

“She’s going to take my cock and you’re going to watch. You’ll hear her moan You’re going to hear her beg for us to stop banging her pussy.” He pointed a finger at David, his grin behind it. “But you know what? We ain’t going to stop. We’ll keep on fucking your wife. She’s going to beg and plead, but she won’t mean it. Not really. She’ll really want us to keep on fucking, to just pound her pink cunt. She’s gonna come so hard.”

“No,” David breathed, his knuckles whitening as his fingers gripped the upholstered arms of the chair.

“Yes,” the man said. “You sit there and watch it happen.”

A groan from his wife took David’s attention from the man to the bed. He saw Philip’s fingers between Emma’s legs. Philip was probing her, busy working at Emma’s opening.

“Fuck,” Emma gurgled, her teeth clenched, fingers clawing at the sheet beneath her. “That’s good. That’s nice.”

“Here, baby,” the first man said, climbing back onto the bed. He threw a look at David, making sure the cuckold showed no sign of rising out of his chair to come at him in anger. “Turn this way.”

Emma’s head swivelled when the man touched her cheek. “Oh!” she yelped. “Again?”

The man was on the bed, kneeling up. He was holding himself in one hand, offering his cock to her. “Suck it some more,” he said, stroking himself slowly. “Let your husband watch this time.”

Emma eyed the pale bulb of the cock-head confronting her. “You two are going to ruin me,” she mumbled.

In the chair, helpless at the way it was all unravelling, David choked back a sob of protest. All he could do was watch.

During the few minutes that followed, David watched his wife struggle to accommodate another man’s cock, the girth of the thing stretching her lips to thin, boodless lines.

While Emma gommed and slobbered, her neck twisted, legs wide as she offered herself to both men, she grunted and groaned, moaning around the mouthful of meat that threatened to choke her.

Between her legs Philip worked at Emma, pushing his fingers into her body, curling them so he could rub her inside, his thumb sliding over her clit until, with a thrashing of limbs and cries of obvious delight, Emma came.

“She loves it,” the man said. “Your wife fucking loves it.” He looked down at Emma who, in the midst of her climax, with her eyes squeezed tight, yanked at his dick with irregular jerks of one fist.

Next, he took control of his length, pushing Emma’s fingers away before laughing and slapping his cock against her chin and cheeks.

“You having fun?” he asked, still directing the taunts at the man in the chair. “You enjoy watching your wife sucking my dick?”

“I ” David replied. “It’s”

“She enjoys it,” the man said. “And I love it when a white lady enjoys sucking my dick.”

“Oh God,” gasped Emma, her eyes opening wide. She looked around the room, dazed and bleary-eyed until she focussed on her husband. “David” she breathed. “Fuck What have you brought to me?”

The man laughed and stepped off the bed, the weight of his appendage hanging in front of him, arcing in a downward curve under the weight of the bulbous head while Philip, as though at some unseen and unheard signal, rolled away, his job done for the moment.

“Come here, Emma,” the man crooned. He stroked his length and smirked at the woman, beckoning with his free hand. “Forget him for now, forget that little white dick. You’re here now With us.” He glanced at Philip and his grin widened. “Me and my friend there,” he nodded at the younger man, “we’ll look after you. You don’t need to bother with him at all.” The man threw a thumb and a contemptuous look at David. “Not now. Things are gonna get good for you, bitch.”

Emma glanced at her husband, and then, while David looked on, his expression conveying all that he felt inside, she slid her bare buttocks off the bed and stood up.

“Take it off, Emma,” the man instructed.

At the thrust of the man’s chin, Emma realised he meant for her to take off the chemise. She experienced a thrill of delight at the thought of the two black men seeing her bare breasts. She would be naked except for stockings and shoes.

“Do you like me?” she asked, her voice high-pitched and warbling. Would they appreciate her body? Did they like curves and big tits on their women?

“Do we like her, Philip?” the man asked.

“We do, Nathaniel,” Philip replied, uttering his first words since his arrival.

Emma had time to register his accent – a Caribbean lilt.

Philip nodded, dreads swinging. “We like her a lot.”

Nathaniel grinned and winked and did the clicking thing at the back of his throat again. “We do, don’t we,” he said – a statement, not a question. “Come here, baby,” he said, coaxing Emma to him with a curl of long, black fingers. He reached for her when the trembling and very unsure white woman arrived in front of him.

Emma heard her husband bleat her name, a forlorn cry she ignored when the black man’s hands went around her waist and he drew her into his embrace.

“I’m glad you like me,” she whispered as her breasts squashed up against the plated muscle of Nathaniel’s chest.

Then she heard her husband groan as Nathaniel’s tongue pushed into her mouth.

For David, seeing his wife kissing another man was worse than anything they’d done so far. Emma was writhing and moaning, squirming against Nathaniel’s front, feet moving, dancing as though she desperately needed to pee.

“God,” he groaned. “Dear God”

And then, gripped by morbid fascination, unable to tear his gaze from the stomach-churning sight, David sat there and gazed slack-jawed while Nathaniel lifted Emma, his hands cupped beneath her buttocks while she leapt up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

David heard Philip say: “Watch them. She’s going to take his cock now.

Maintaining his balance, feet splayed, holding the woman aloft with one arm curled around Emma’s body, Nathaniel somehow contrived to hold his cock in his free hand, guiding the head of the thing to her scarlet opening.

The sight of his wife’s pouting labia, the opening of her sex glistening with her obvious desire, the cock-head nudging at her, caused David to groan.

The scene unfolding in front of him was meant to be different. He was supposed to be included, not dominated by Nathaniel and banished to a corner, a mere witness. He was meant to be an equal participant, sharing his wife with another man. There had been an agreement, a verbal arrangement via email and phone.

There were also supposed to be condoms. David had them in his pocket.

But what use were they there?

“No,” he muttered, his fingers pushing through his hair. “Oh fuck Emma”

Then it was too late, there was no way to call it off. Not that the two black men would have taken any notice at all, but it really had gone too far when Emma groaned, her head lolling back as she clung like a monkey, arms around Nathaniel’s neck, her cunt accepting the thick, chocolate-coloured length inch by slow inch.

“Shit” Emma gurgled as Nathaniel eased into her. “That thing’s stretching me open.” She gulped and squirmed against the man holding her. “It’s still going,” she gasped, her eyes staring into her lover’s. “It’s so bloody lovely.” Emma blinked and gulped. “Kiss me,” she murmured. “Please, kiss me, fuck me Give me all of your gorgeous cock. Fuck me, kiss me”

Philip moved to the couple as they kissed. He touched Emma’s face and, after the woman broke away from Nathaniel and looked at him, kissed Emma, too.

Emma risked releasing her grip on Nathaniel’s neck with one hand so she could reach down and clasp Philip’s cock.

“Two of you,” she breathed. “Two men Two beautiful black men.”

She glanced down and watched her own hand move up and down Philip’s length, her fingers caressing and squeezing while she kissed both men in turn. Emma sucked Philip’s tongue before taking Nathaniel’s into her mouth. She turned back and forth, dividing her attention between the pair while David continued to boggle.

Despite the jealousy burning in his guts, regardless of the fact his wife – his wife – was being used by two men, one of whom had his cock wedged inside her body, his skin against hers as they fucked bareback, David experienced the undeniable stirrings of lust. He pawed at himself, massaging his dick through his trousers while his wife allowed herself to be kissed by Philip, her hand cranking his hard-on while Nathaniel bounced her on his cock.

While the other three were busy, oblivious to his presence, David unzipped his flies and eased his stiff penis from within. By that time Emma was moaning and gasping, and Nathaniel was muttering low-voiced exhortations while Philip danced around them, his hands moving over Emma’s skin.

David stroked himself, wanking slowly, eyes fixed on the action. He was fascinated by his wife’s facial expression, with Emma’s features sometimes twisted into a grimace of exquisite agony while at other times she had that slack-jawed, idiotic look of a woman sexually deranged.

David was entranced. He thought he’d never seen his wife look so beautiful.

He was so engrossed that he jumped, startled when Nathaniel spoke to him.

“You’re getting into it,” Nathaniel said, laughing. “You’ve accepted your wife really loves black dick, eh?” Nathaniel carried Emma across the room with his fingers cupped under the cheeks of her backside, his meat firmly wedged inside her body.

He stopped a foot away from the chair and effortlessly hefted Emma’s weight in his hands. Shifting his grip, fingers spreading flesh slick with lust, Nathaniel taunted David with the image of Emma’s body being invaded by the thick, dark monstrosity.

David gasped and stared, his fist stalled mid-stroke when he confronted the sight of his wife’s pussy stretched tight, the flesh bloodless while she accommodated the dark length and tremendous girth of Nathaniel’s naked cock.

“Shit,” David moaned. He gulped and gazed at the dark smudge of Emma’s sphincter exposed twelve inches from his face. He just sat there and gawped up at that awful conjunction.

“She’s mine, now,” Nathaniel murmured. He eased Emma higher on his cock, revealing several inches of an erection glistening with Emma’s yearning. “You think you’ll ever be man enough to satisfy her after she’s been fucked by this big cock?”

David said nothing, simply gazed at the contrast of Emma’s white skin and pink flesh compared to the dark, goo-smeared root of Nathaniel’s cock.

Then, suddenly, while an emotional whirlwind ripped through his guts, David experienced a sudden flare of anger. He was jealous, so jealous of the man who, with apparently effortless ease, had usurped his position in his wife’s affections. David saw himself punching Nathaniel in the throat, felt a near overwhelming urge to stand up and start hitting.

But Nathaniel was so big, so fit and muscular and solid that, despite his age, there was little doubt he would easily turn the tables on David. Plus there was Philip to consider. Two of them together? David had to accept he hadn’t a chance.

Then he heard his wife murmur: “Don’t stop fucking me.”

David’s stomach flipped again. This time, rather than feeling a surge of rage, David felt a hollow ache open up inside him, a rent in his psyche that released some indefinable sentiment he’d never experienced before. The jealousy remained, still bubbled, a curdled mess that had somehow been diluted by a deeper, more powerful emotion. He was surprised to realise he was stroking his cock once again.

“Go on,” he muttered.

The words just came out of him, unbidden. David hadn’t meant to say anything, it had just popped out.

“I want to watch,” David added, sighing.

It was true. He wanted to watch it, wanted to see his wife with the two men.

“Fuck her,” he bleated. “Please Fuck my wife.”

“Yeah,” Nathaniel responded, grinning. “You too, eh? You finally get it? We’re gonna own this white bitch.”

Nathaniel carried Emma to the bed and dumped her onto it. His cock waggled and swung while Emma bounced on the mattress in an ungainly sprawl of limbs.

“Open your legs,” Nathaniel ordered. He pointed at Emma, his finger moving side-to-side. “Come on. Open them.”

Nathaniel stroked his length while Emma eagerly positioned herself.

“Oh God,” Emma squealed. She was rubbing herself, one hand mauling her breasts while she squirmed on the bed. “Put it in. Please, put it back in.” She held herself wide open and stared at her lover with an intensity that caused a shiver of dark lust to ripple through David.

“You’re going to be fun,” Nathaniel said. He chuckled and looked at Philip as they both clambered onto the bed. “She’s gonna be fun, eh, Philip?”

Philip had his cock in his fist, his eyes fixed on Emma’s face. It was obvious he wanted Emma to suck him while Nathaniel used her pussy.

“I don’t believe how quickly she turned, Nathaniel,” Philip said. He glanced at David before thrusting his hips towards Emma. Philip leaned over the woman, resting on straight arms, his torso curled over her. “Both of them,” he added. “They were both so easy.”

Nathaniel shrugged. He was between Emma’s legs, one hand working his penis while the other rested lazily on one of Emma’s knees. He shifted position to hover over her, his hand going from her leg to the bed in support while he nudged the dome of his cock at her opening.

“Let’s fuck this white bitch,” Nathaniel muttered.

He thrust and Emma gasped, her eyes going wide.

Philip chuckled and shook his head as though he was puzzled by how a man could simply sit there and allow two strangers to use his wife. Then Emma’s mouth closed around him and he sighed.

“Emma,” David breathed. “Dear God Emma”

Nathaniel started with slow, deep, probing thrusts. He pushed in and paused, corkscrewing his hips, stirring Emma with his size. He was rewarded by gasps of delight and long, low-voiced groans.

“Oh, fuck,” Emma sighed. She stared up at her lover, her fingers tight around the bulge of Nathaniel’s upper arms. “That’s good. It’s fucking gorgeous. I’ve never had a man so deep.”She yelped with delight when Nathaniel began to move with more urgency, the sound cut short as he leaned in low to kiss Emma’s mouth.

David watched, staring, jaw hanging while he wanked his cock, gaze locked on the lewd tableau.

Emma broke away from the kiss, panting as she turned and reached for Philip’s cock. She sucked and slurped and licked at the man while Nathaniel fucked her with robust thrusts.

“I love it,” Emma panted between licks at Philip’s shaft. “Two men Two cocks Big black cocks.”

She collapsed backwards gasping when Nathaniel pulled her by the waist, positioning Emma to his liking. Nathaniel lifted her hips, tilting her cunt to accommodate the deep downthrust as he hooked her knees behind his arms.

”Both of you,” Emma gulped when she recovered from a fit of moaning and groaning as a result of Nathaniel’s deep penetration. With the power of coherent speech returned, Emma grabbed Philip’s cock. “At both ends,” she mumbled. “Fuck me, boys. Use me at both ends.”

Philip took a turn, his taut stomach slap-slapping against Emma’s skin as he fucked into her from behind. He held onto Emma’s waist, the garter belt twisted in one hand while she thrust back at him, her hips rippling with the force of their rutting.

Kneeling, his cock in one fist, Nathaniel held Emma’s head and force-fed her his length.

Emma gagged and spluttered, eyes streaming as she took as much of that thing as she could manage, pulling away from time to time, slimy drool sliding over her chin, dangling and shivering in long, silvery ropes as she gasped for breath.

“It’s too much,” gasped Emma, her torso heaving as she coughed and spat. She shook a hand, fingers fanned in a gesture of refusal. Emma tilted her face to Nathaniel, her eyes wet with tears forced out of her by her gag reflex kicking in. Her throat worked as she swallowed repeatedly. “I can’t take all of it,” she croaked.

Nathaniel laughed and stroked Emma’s blonde hair while Philip continued to thrust at Emma from behind.

“Training,” he said. “That’s all it takes. A little more each time A few weeks and you’d be deep-throating black cock, no problem.”

The idea thrilled Emma. She wanted to please this domineering black man. Emma wanted to prove herself to him.

But David, still sitting in the chair, his fist jacking at his cock, wasn’t too sure. As far as he was concerned the scene he found himself in was a one-off. There would be no repeat performance, he decided. He wouldn’t allow his wife to go off the rails again. She could do it this once. David would swallow a single occasion but there was no way he was ever going to compromise himself or his marriage again.

Then all thoughts left David’s head when his wife’s head ducked once again, her mouth opening. He had to admit, seeing Emma being used in that way was a turn-on. Not that he’d voice it – never, no way, she might think he enjoyed being humiliated! But David settled and stroked his cock and decided to make the most of that afternoon in the hotel.

“I wanna fuck you again,” Nathaniel groaned. “Take some time to suck Philip’s cock,” he muttered. “Taste your cunt on him.”

Emma gasped and spluttered when Nathaniel eased his length from her gullet. She reached for it and worked her fist along the glistening shaft, reluctant to let it go.

“He’s doing a good job back there,” she mumbled, eyes like slits as she licked the big dome of the cock-head. “It feels good, him in my pussy Why do we have to change?”

Emma glanced back over a shoulder, squirming around, breasts swaying as she craned her neck and grinned at Philip.

“‘Cause I’m gonna come soon,” grunted Nathaniel. “And I want to let it go inside you.”

The thought of his wife taking the man’s semen inside her body made David groan. That was too much. Nathaniel was already bareback inside his wife – why did he have to compound the humiliation David felt by coming in Emma’s pussy?

“No,” he mumbled. “Please, Emma, don’t let him do it.”

But, despite his protest, David still yanked at his cock. He sat in the chair and wanked, staring at the bed while Philip’s cock, smeared with foamy residue – testament to Emma’s ardour – slid out of her.

Desperate for the sensation of a being filled to the brim with cock to continue, Emma rolled onto her back. She opened her legs and snarled at Nathaniel to climb aboard.

The man went to her, quickly easing himself into position before his cock slid into Emma’s body.

They were soon rutting, both Emma and Nathaniel grunting and moaning, obscene squelches coming from their conjunction – white woman’s pussy tightly packed with black cock – while Philip offered Emma his length to suck.

“Yeah,” Nathaniel grunted, thrusting deep. “Fuck,” he groaned, thrusting again.

“I’m coming,” Emma squealed when Nathaniel pushed deep into her for a third, and then a fourth, time. “You’re coming too!” she wailed. “I can feel your cock throbbing.”

Nathaniel groaned and held himself above Emma’s torso as he pushed as deep as he could into her, jizm spurting out of him to flood the woman’s insides.

As soon as Nathaniel’s cock ceased spitting he eased it out of the woman, Philip replacing him immediately.

A minute of frantic fucking, loud, wet slurps of displaced semen, while Emma mumbled and groaned and squirmed, her climax rolling on and blurring into another. Philip gave a mighty groan and, with Nathaniel’s gloop dribbling down the crease between Emma’s buttocks, shuddered and came, his semen pouring out of him to mix with the deposit already inside Emma.

“Fuck,” David grunted when Philip rolled away from Emma. He could see semen glistening at his wife’s opening, her cunt all scarlet and shiny with spunk. “Oh fuck Emma They came inside you”

Jizm spat from the eye of David’s cock. He tugged at himself, moaning and gasping, his eyes locked on the viscous ooze that dribbled from his wife’s gaping opening while his own semen sprayed over his clothes.

Through it all Emma writhed on the bed, her fingers mushing around her vulva, rubbing her clitoris as she came for a third time.

Less than two minutes later, without cleaning themselves at all, their cocks sticky with semen and Emma’s juices, the smell of sex clinging to them, Nathaniel and Philip left the room without a backward glance.

“Oh God, Emma” David breathed. He was still in the chair, too shocked too move. “What have you done? They both fucked you without a condom. They both came. I can’t believe you let two strangers do that.” David’s tone was incredulous, face slack with disbelief now the heat of the moment had passed.

His wife lay there, still breathing hard, her legs wide, pussy leaking cum.

She reached down between her legs and felt her vulva all slippery with her arousal and two copious deposits of jizm.

“You wanted it,” Emma mumbled. “I told you to remember that. This is all your fault. You brought this on.”