Queen of spades: Unfaithful wife lets another man sleep over while her husband is away

My husband bored me. He was fine to pay the mortgage, but he really didn’t satisfy me.I wanted more.

He was going away. To drink real ale with fiends. Boring men in boring jumpers. I was to be alone for the weekend. 26 years old, a free weekend. Only my rampant rabbit for company. He was busy getting his stuff ready. I just chanced across this site. ‘Horny wives’. It was full of women looking for a bit on the side. There was even a section where they did it in front o their husbands. Cuckolding. Lots of white women looking for black men.

I had never had a black man. I could hardly believe it was real. But it was making me wet. I heard him coming down the stairs. We chatted for about five minutes and went to bed. He was obviously feeling horny. I got on my back and opened my legs, let him fuck me. Even though I was wet and ready, he didn’t get me anywhere close. Just panted on top of me for half a minute and shot his tiny load. Rolled off. Went to sleep.

I got up again, Went downstairs and found my site. I was pissed off with him for being so useless. I put an advert on. Women could advertise for free. I was ‘Queen of Spades’ ‘White wife seeking big black cock THIS WEEKEND. Husband away…..’.

I hesitated before I posted. But my pussy ached for something more. Something bigger. I posted. thinking I might never actually get a reply.

My husband left early in the morning. He was so excited. It was pathetic. I hurried immediately to my advert. Might never get a reply? There were over 100. I browsed them. I was wet and touching myself as I did. I didn’t care any more, I was going to get a proper fucking this weekend no matter what.

There were plenty of black guys who had sent replies. One stood out. Chris. Described himself as mixed race. A ten inch cock. I thought he was probably exaggerating, like guys do, but I wasn’t even getting half of that. He lived close but not too close. I replied. How about tonight?

He was back straight away. Sure. I was so nervous I was sweating. I replied again ‘My place, at eight?’

He was still keen. And I sent my address. There was no going back now. I sat down on my bed. I was soaked just thinking about it. I let my hand slip between my legs and got myself off dreaming about his ten inch black cock.

After I had finished i needed to go into town. I was going to get something new to wear for him. And anyway I needed to kill time. I would have masturbated myself silly if I waited around the house all day.

So I bought some new underwear. I played safe with black, bra, pants, suspenders stockings. Guys always love that. And a new nighty, red satin, a slit up the side. I didn’t want him in any doubt. I wanted to get fucked.

I hung around town for a bit. Had some lunch. Headed back. Got in the bath. Shaved. Out clean sheets on the bed. Got into my new underwear. Thought about what I might wear on top. He had messaged me again, checking I was still up for it. I got back ‘Of course – don’t be late’.

He got back saying he never did cum early. I smiled. I got into a mini skirt and some thigh high boots I had bought but hardly had the chance to war. A low cut top. You could see a lot of cleavage, and some bra. Bright red lipstick. Far too slutty I thought. Then I stopped myself.

I was a married woman who had invited some random guy around for one thin. His cock. Tonight I WAS a slut. I may as well dress the part. Act the part. Enjoy it. Tomorrow evening my half dicked husband would be back, slobbing on the sofa. I should at least have some weekend memories to look back on. I opened a bottle of white wine and sipped. Waited. The doorbell rang.

I checked my hair in the mirror. Opened. There he was. A tall, good looking black guy. I smiled. He looked me up and down and actually said ‘wow’.

I knew, even if it all went wrong from here, it had been worth it. I let hi in showed him to our living room, ffered a glass of wine. He accepted. I sat next to him. Up close. He knew it was my first date from the site. Asked what I wanted. This was a big moment. I needed to let him know. So I blurted it out.

‘I want to suck your cock’

His grin was a mile wide. He stood up, dropped his pants, and there it was. It was fucking enormous. I got on my knees in front of him and while he sipped my wine, I feasted on his meat. It stretched my lips. It was long and thick with a big fat head. I licked it and tongued it and sucked it. Stroked it. I never sucked my husband. His pathetic cock was just not worth the effort. But this. This was a proper meal. It was years since I had deepthroated. I just had to know if I could still do it. And I could. I sucked him right down. Gagged. And loved every minute

Much as I was enjoying myself, this was only my starter. I stood, took his hand pulled. He got up and I led him up the stairs. Swinging my hips in his face. HE hurried after me, I went straight to our bedroom, turned to face him,, dropped my skirt and stepped out of it. He was on me in an instant. I fell backwards onto the bed, him on top of me, spread my legs as wide as they could go, feet in the air. Reached down to pull my panties to one side and guide him in.

And he fucked me. I felt him enter, He felt just as massive in my cunt as he had done in my throat. And as e slid in, I waited and waited and waited for it to stop, but it just kept on going for what seemed like for ever. I groaned a long groan of pleasure. Then he slid out and in, out and in. Pretty soon he was ramming into me. holding my shoulders and really ramming it home.

He fucked my brains out. I was oozing wetness all over him and the bed.

And he made me cum like my husband never had. Then he came deep inside me, spurting great gobs of goo into my cunt.

I had to take my boots off. Headed to the toilet, got into my new nighty. Bright red. He was actually still awake when I got back. Asked if he should go. No I reassured him, he should stay. He murmured something about doing my nighty justice. I got into bed next to him. And fell into a satisfied sleep.

I was having quite a dream. A viking boat had landed in our town, and I was busy being raped and pillaged, and loving it. I really didn’t want to wake up, but I did. It wasn’t a viking, it was Chris, I was curled up he was behind me, he had one hand squeezing at my tit. Feeling his hand through satin on my tit was delicious. His other hand was playing with my cunt, at least two fingers were deep inside me. I parted my legs a little to see if he could get any further in, moved my arm to let him have better access to my tit. This was just brilliant. Then I realised, I could actually get fucked again. He was really up fr it, I could feel his big hard cock poking at my back. He was rubbing it up against me. I didn’t want to lose those fingers, but slid my legs down, got my arse up in the air, face flat against the mattress. He didn’t meed any more encouragement, he was behind me, into me in an instant. Fucking me doggy style. I closed my eyes, continued my fantasy about the viking.

He really fucked my brains out. Gripping my hips and slamming hard into me. I rode back on him to meet his thrusts, working his cock with my pussy, and cumming loud and hard. He continued for just a few seconds more before whipping it out and shooting his cum all over my bare arse cheeks. I thanked him like a good girl, and we drifted off back to sleep. I woke with a smile in the morning I could still feel him in my pussy. He was there looking at me. Immediately I wanted him again. We were all over each other in an instant. His hands roaming my body. I was wet already. He was trying to mount me. I was fending him off. This time I wanted o be on top. I wanted to use his cock at my own pace. To show him what I could do. He let me roll him over. I straddled him, leant over him, my my nipple to his mouth. He obliged with a lot of lips and tongue to it, before shifting his head to get the other in his mouth. I reached back and put his massive cockhead at the entrance to my damp pussy. I could feel the tip parting my labia. I could feel him moving his hips, struggling to get a little more of himself into me. I teased him for some time, his hands gripping my hips, mouth working my nipples in turn. I was leaking juices onto him. Eventually I slid back, taking a good two or three inches of him into me. We both gasped. It felt so good. I had planned to let him in millimetre by millimetre, but now I just wanted all of him inside me. So I took it all. Ground down onto him, head back eyes closed, lost in the moment working his cock with my pussy and loving it. Loving very moment, every millimetre. He was bucking up into me, after a while I responded to his movements, slamming down onto him, moving my arse like a dancer from a rap video.

And came again.

Then he left. I knew I’d have to change the sheets again before my sad little hubby was back