Cuckolding at the swingers club

I had been dating Joe for a while. And to be honest I was getting a bit bored.

Perhaps he sensed that, because he started joking about swingers parties and things. Eventually he just came out and said it. He wanted to go to a swingers party.

Sure I thought, could be fun. If I was going to be looking for a new guy anyway, why not?

We checked out a few places on line, and eventually agreed on a night, and prebooked. The week of waiting went pretty slowly. I got some new underwear A victorias secret satin and lace corset. (

) Lace topped stockings. I was sure someone would want to fuck me in that. We parked up outside. Joe was pretty nervous. He was saying stuff like we didn’t have to go in. It didn’t matter if we just had sex with each other. I opened the car door and stepped out. I hadn’t come out with no panties on for nothing.

We went in. There was a big room with couples standing round having drinks. We stopped and got a punch or something. Sipped it, talked a while. Another couple introduced themselves. I could see Joe loved her. Blonde with big tits. She was actually taller than her man. A skinny guy. Pretty ugly with a big nose.

Joe and I left to check out the other room. Basically wall to wall mattresses. Music with lots of bass. One or two couples making use of a mattress or two. Dim lights. I saw a big girl, or woman, she was probably 50, beckoning to a guy stood at the side. He had a look on his face like a kid at Christmas.

The other couple had followed us in. They had said they were first timers too. Joe was obviously delighted. I glanced over at him. He so wanted to. I looked at her guy. I’d been with worse. So I started chatting flirting. There was this awkward moment when someone said ‘shall we’. Everyone giggled. This guy got a handily provided towel, I got down on a mattress with him, took off my top and skirt. Now he had that look Joe had had on his face.

I got my hand between my legs and played with my clit to get myself good and wet. He was wanking himself hard. I was really pleasantly surprised. He was pretty big. And thick. This was going to be better than I had dared hope. I spread my legs and guided him in. I looked across at Joe. He wasn’t looking so cocky now. Her tits had sagged pretty badly when she got them out. She was on top and bouncing. As her man slid into me, I knew she was used to something much bigger than she was getting right now.

He fucked methodically. Not passionately but reasonable hard. I would say it was a six or seven out of ten fuck. I felt him getting close, I grabbed his arse and whispered yesss in his ear as he came. We exchanged thanks. I saw Joe had finished some time before. She was walking away, shaking her head. Joe didn’t look too happy, but I could see guys were looking at me. We were after all amongst the younger couples in the room. There were a couple of black guys slouched at the side. I just had to. If that old fat woman could get a cock with a wave, surely I could. I beckoned them over. I couldn’t believe it when they both came over.

We kissed cheeks. I couldn’t believe it when they said ‘one each end’, but I got down on all fours. They had brought a clean towel. I was obviously good and wet by now, the guy behind me slipped in real nice, and I got a big black cock to suck. Joe was loitering at the side of the room. I gave him a wink and a cheeky grin. Don’t know if he saw. I was laughing to myself. Surely h must have known I was going to get laid more than him?

These guys were pretty big too. They guy behind me fucked me with a strong steady rhythm. It was heaven. I sucked hard and long on his friend. It was hard work. I really needed to ram back on the guy in my pussy, but that made giving a proper blowjob hard work. The guy behind me came hard in my pussy. I was pretty damn horny by now. I knelt up and pulled the other guy toward me. Got him on the mattress. Told him straight. I wanted, I NEEDED to cum. He let me get on top. I bounced on him quick and hard, One hand I used to gently twist and pinch a nipple, the other on my clit. His eyes were screwed shut, and I came. I was pretty loud. This had been one horny night.

When I came to I could see half the room was watching us. I ground down on my guy, finished him off. He deserved it. I just managed to stand in my heels and staggered to Joe. He was looking pretty uncomfortable. Commented on what a good time I was having. Sure I said. I was. I asked how the blonde girl was. He said pretty good. Said something about her tits. I asked if we were going to fuck, or if we should just go home. He said sure, so we got another towel. I wanted to be on top again. I turned around, Straddled him cowgirl style, facing where all the guys and couples were standing. I squirmed on his cock. He took hold of my hips, but I wasn’t going to let him dictate the pace. I pulled my straps down and started playing with my tits to give the room a show.

I could feel Joe underneath me getting restless. But I wasted to get dirtier. I glanced over at the people watching. I saw an overweight middle aged guy. Balding. I waved him over. I bet it was the fasted he had moved in years. I told his I wanted to suck, and I liked to gag. He didn’t need a second invitation. I teased licked sucked his cock. Sometimes he held my head and gave it to me. Sometimes I grabbed at his arse and forced my own head down. I was giving Joe hardly any movement, just enough to keep him hard. I knew he would be getting pretty frustrated by now. I sucked this old guys balls, and some more on his head.

There was an evil thought in my mind. I held him, wanking him hard and fast, told him I wanted him to cum in my face. He spurted once, but I directed the second spurt over my shoulder, then licked his cock clean.

We both said thanks, I turned to look at Joes disgusted face. Sure, I had cum in my hair and on my face, but he had cum on his chest, he was desperately trying to wipe away, and there were a couple of spots on his face too. One right at the corner of his mouth. I had to laugh. I knew I wasn’t going to cum again, so up I got. Joe followed. It was definitely time to leave. We got back to the car. As I got in I let my skirt ride up, so I could leak some guys cum onto the passenger seat of his car