Grahams unfaithful wife: Forced to eat another mans cream pie

We barely spoke for a couple of days. I throbbed painfully in my cock cage. She came and went, not even deigning to look at me. I figured she would have to let me out at some time. Then I could do something about my situation. If I could just wait, she would simply have to. I lasted a couple of days. I was so horny. It was hurting. I just had to get out. So I tried to make my peace.

I approached her nervously. Started talking. It was a few moments before she looked up from her phone. I found myself babbling to her. Basically begging, pleading for her to let me out. She dangled a shoe from her foot. I throbbed harder in my cage. She looked just gorgeous. She asked if I was sorry. I said I was. I really was. She asked if I was gong to behave from now on. I nodded furiously. Behave and obey. My heart sank. It was clear she meant to be in charge from here. But I just needed to get out. I reasoned I should say or do anything and worry about what came next once I was free.

I said I was sory I had treated her like a slut. I would behave. And obey her. Obey her every word. She sat back. Seemingly satisfied. Said I was a good boy. returned her gaze to her phone. I was dumbfounded. I had said everything she wanted, she seemed satisfied, yet here I was, still locked up. I searched for the words to query the situation, but she interrupted my thoughts. If I was good, she would let me out at the weekend. Just another three days. I felt weak and broken. Three days. I wasn’t even half way there yet. On the other hand. There was light at the end of the tunnel. At least I was going to get out.

She snapped her fingers, demanded a cup of tea. I scampered off and made her one. Brought it back through. Then with a dismissive wave of the hand, she indicated she was done with this talk, so I slunk away. Tried to sit in a way that nothing would touch my poor frustrated cock. Tried not to think about it. But it was all I could think about. Apart from the terrible thought of my wife with another man.

Work had been difficult that week. I was so horny it hurt. I couldn’t concentrate, so ended up behind on what I had to do. I was working late when a text arrived. From my wife. I read it immediately. “Don’t rush back. Met a guy on line & he’s coming round. Body builder!!!” My mouth was dry, my stomach churned. Hands shook. I had agreed to everything she demanded. How could she do this? I was just about finished. I packed up my desk and got ready to leave. Just at that moment my boss came up and started to talk. I just couldn’t get rid of him, however clear I made it that I wanted to leave. At that moment I hated him. At last I got to hurry to the car park and drive home. Of course the traffic was terrible and all the lights were against me.

At last I arrived home. There was a 4×4 parked in my car’s place on the drive. I knew instantly it was his. I turned the engine off. I had rushed home, but I had no idea what I was going to do now I was here. This guy was a bod builder. I couldn’t even dream of taking him on. And he was certainly in my wife’s panties by now. He was probably fucking her senseless. I felt numb. There was nothing I could do. Was I really just going to sit there and wait for him to finish?

As I racked my brains for something better, my front door opened. There was my wife, in a bright red too short nightie I had never seen before. And thigh high boots. Kissing him deeply. Longingly. It was heart breaking to see. And him. A broad chested ball of muscle. His arms were the width of my thighs. He was of mixed race, close cropped hair. As I looked at him I just felt weak.

She allowed him to drag himself away. Stood waving at the door. He sounded his horn as he left. I pulled onto the drive and followed my wife in. I was determined to remain calm, but this sort of behaviour just had to stop. Half the street must have seen his car. Heard him leaving. I just couldn’t have this sort of thing going on on a regular basis.

I told her we needed to talk. She didn’t even look up. All she said was ‘shut up bitch’. I was taken aback. I remained calm. I reasoned with her. I said she had to be aware of what the neighbours might think. She didn’t want the whole street seeing her dressed like that to know that she was…… She interrupted, She said I was just worried about the whole street knowing I couldn’t satisfy her, and that he liked to her in boots when he fucked her. This was too much. I wasn’t so calm now. I raised my voice and said no one could do anything while they were locked in a cage. At last she looked up. With a sarcastic smile. And said no real man would have ever let that happen. Apparently If I was a real man I would have bent her over and fucked her brains out. She was taunting me. I told her to let me out right now and I really would teach her a lesson. She said I’d have to put it in her arse for her to even feel it. I lost it. I shouted, I demanded she let out now. Right now.

She laughed stood grabbed my tie. She held the knot in her fist and was twisting. her fist pushing into my throat. I raised my hands, struggling to loosen the tie. I was short of breath. Weakening. She forced me onto my knees, then onto my back. She grabbed my wrists. I gasped for breath relieved, she pushed my hands up beside my head and onto the floor. Then knelt on my arms. I kicked a bit. Struggled but I was pinned. She told me to settle down. Asked what had happened to my promise of obedience. Didn’t I want to get let out at the weekend. I was close to tears. It was beyond the pale. I was being cuckolded and bullied. And made to act like her bitch afterward. I started begging, Please, please I said. She laughed at me.said she had a present. I could feel how silky and expensive her nightie was. It made me bulge in my cage. She said I was going to get a taste of a real man. I tried to whimper a protest, but I just didn’t dare. She was lowering herself onto my mouth. Saying ‘lick it up, bitch’. And she dribbled his cum onto my lips. I had to open wide for her. Lick it up. Swallow in down while she rode my face and mocked me.

I was now a broken man. When she finally raised herself and stood, my eyes pricked with tears.

She told me not to worry, that she would let me get in her panties at the weekend.