Grahams unfaithful wife: Listening to my wife downstairs

We had argued a bit. Whatever I did, whatever I said it wasn’t right. Not nearly good enough.

She had lost her temper. Shouted at me. Said I was pathetic. It hurt. I hated it when she spoke like that. She stormed out to the shops. I waited home alone.

She came back with a couple of bags. I asked what she had bought. Was told to mind my own business. She was playing with her phone. Ignoring me. I tried really hard to put the fight behind us, but she just wasn’t interested.

She tutted at me and went upstairs. Leaving her phone. Unable to resist I snatched it from the arm of the chair before the screen locked. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was shocked to the point of feeling sick.

On Unfaithful Wives ‘Bored, unsatisfied wife’ An advert requesting wants replies from real men with big cocks. My mouth went dry. My heart raced. Palms sweated. I heard her on the stairs. Quickly put her phone back. She was in her dressing gown. But seemed to still have tights on. And heels. She completely ignored me. Took her phone and went back upstairs.

I quietly fumed as I waited for her to come down. I swung between fury at her placing that ad, and rationalising that it was just an ad. She just said she wanted replies. Never said she would meet anyone, or let alone do anything bad.

It was hours before she came down. It was evening time, and she was all dressed up. I was confused. She had said she didn’t want to go out. I didn’t like this at all. Not after seeing that ad. I stood between her and the door. Ready to confront her. She said something about Lucy, her friend. Confused I stopped, she pushed past me, Said not to wait up.

I went, sank into a chair. Wondered what was happening. I was angry, hurt, confused. I picked up the iPad, made sure I was in a private browsing mode, went to Ashley Madison. Searched in our area for ‘Bored, Unsatisfied Wife’. The advert had been updated. A photo. There she was, in stockings, heels, underwear I had certainly never seen. The flash hid her face, but it was her. In our bedroom. Looking like a total whore. My jaw dropped. I went upstairs to look for the lingerie. I saw the bag she had returned with. In it a receipt. Nearly £100 she had spent on that new underwear, to pose like a slut and post the picture on line for anyone to see. I really was furious now. In an act of petty revenge I brought up the photo large screen on the iPad, got my cock out and wanked furiously. It didn’t take me long, I hadn’t had sex for weeks. I came all over her photo.

The iPad screen. I immediately felt silly, headed to the bathroom to clean up the iPad and myself. There was nothing else to do. I went to bed.

I was woken by the front door. I could hear she had been drinking immediately. Heavy clumsy movements. Then some giggling and a ssshhhhhh. Great. Her and Lucy had come back.Then another voice. My heart stopped. It wasn’t Lucy. Nothing like. It was a man. He didn’t sound drunk at all. I couldn’t just let this happen. I got up, went to the top of the stairs. His voice was deep. Strong. She was messing and giggling with him like a stupid little slut. I clenched my fists in anger. It was so quiet. Then a slurping noise. A choking noise. I tried not to think about it, but it was obvious. She was sucking his cock. I couldn’t remember when I last got a blowjob off her, and there she was, sucking some stranger in the front room.

I crept back to bed. Ashamed, hating the fact I was creeping about so they wouldn’t hear me, but hey didn’t seem so bothered that I could hear them. I could hear him moaning as my wife pleasured him. I found myself holding my cock Getting had. Then some talking and movement. I crept again to the top of the stairs. This time hard. I heard him telling her to bend over the chair. This was too much he was actually going to fuck my wife in the house that I was paying for. He was doing. I heard her moan, and again. I heard her telling him to slow, he was going to make her cum, that ‘he’ would hear. I knew that meant me.

Then she came. And not very quietly either. I snuck back to bed again. I heard the front door again. Some shhing. Some giggling. She came upstairs. Ashamed and close to tears, I just pretended to be asleep.