Grahams unfaithful wife: My unfaithful wife puts me in chastity

I woke early next morning. I was still angry. I needed to get it out of my system. I needed to fuck her brains out.

I put my hand on her arse. Started rubbing up against her. She wriggled away. I tried to get assertive. Masculine. Pulled her back by the hips. I meant to get laid whatever.

She flung an elbow back. Into my stomach. I was winded. She rolled over. Patted my head. I gasped for air. Said she was just a bit hung over. I should get up and come back to bed in a couple of hours. I could do some housework she said.

I stepped out of bed. Frustrated. And went downstairs.

In the living room, her new panties were left there on the floor. I stopped, stared at them. It was like she wasn’t even trying to hide it. They were stained. A big creamy stain. I picked them up, looked at it. I had to know. I sniffed. There was a slight smell of pussy there, but that big creamy stain, it was his cum. Her panties were full of the cum she had leaked out of her pussy. I was appalled. I knew what this meant. She had always. Always made me wear a condom for sex. But not him. He had got to fuck her breback. Shoot his load right up her.

I felt my face burn. I sat on the sofa. Turned on the TV. Put the volume on high. It wasn’t long before she came down. Snatched the remote and put it on mute. I protested. She turned it off altogether. Walked to the kitchen. I followed her. I was still horny. Still needed to get laid. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her. She reacted angrily. Said I should stop ‘pawing’ her. She looked at me straight in the eye. I swear she was smirking at me. Sad she was a bit ‘sore’ down there anyway. I tied to reply but I was lost for words. How dare she say that after what she had done last night? I was crushed. She said maybe later. If I gave her some oral attention. She put a finger under my chin. Said it would be a ‘tasty treat’ for me. I blushed. She went back upstairs.

I didn’t want to be sucking and licking where some other guy had shot his load. I said nothing. Just quietly fumed. A couple of hours later, I was still horny. Even more horny. I went quietly upstairs, opened the bedroom door. Her knees were up. She was on her phone again. I could hear a buzzing sound.

“for FUCKS sake… can’t you knock??” I dithered at the door, taken aback. She took her hand from under the covers, she was holding her vibrator. There was I, downstairs, horny as hell. Desperate for some, and she would rather be on her phone upstairs with her vibrator. She beckoned me to bed.I got in. She couldn’t have looked more disinterested when she said I could have it. With her on top. Tossed me a condom, said to put it on ready. I was determined I was going to get some proper sex. I had had enough of being treated like this. I said no. I wanted it without a condom. There was a short silence. ‘What??’ I stammered as I looked for a response, maybe we could go out tonight, come back and…..’ She said there was no chance. She was disappointed I had even brought it up, because I knew she didn’t like to do that with me. And anyway, she added. It made me just a little bit bigger.

Anyway, she was out again tonight. What, Lucy again I asked? ‘Yeah, something like that…’ was her reply. I couldn’t take it. I said no, I would not let her go out again. she smirked at me. A superior look. I told her I meant it. For all I knew she could be seeing another man, I would not let her go.

Then she lost it. She said I did not own her. She did not need my permission. My approval. She could go out when she wanted. Do whatever, do who ever she wanted. And she was angry.Really angry, that I had called her a slut. I protested, said I didn’t mean that. She slapped my face. walked out. I heard the car leave the drive. And lay there.

She was back in less than an hour. She still looked furious. She held a bag from ‘Pulse and Cocktails’ a nearby place I had often driven past. She took out this –

I didn’t even know what it was. She shoved me down as I sat up. Straddled my stomach while facing away and roughly took hold of me. It hurt. As she forced me in it hurt. At first I tried to buck her off, shove her away, but she took my balls in a vice like grip. I had to lie there, whimpering, and let her. Let her lock my cock away. She turned around triumphant. Said again that I had called her a slut. And I had no right. because every time she went out I was playing with myself. Wanking myself. Pleasuring myself. Like a little slut. Now I would have to stop it. She wasn’t going to let me out until I proved I was sorry. With that, she pushed me down, and rode my face. grinding into me, already wet she came. from her vibe. I was told to leave while she got ready to go out.

I went downstairs. I took my jeans down to look, I tried, but there was no way I could get out. I was still horny. I wanted to shout, cry, punch the wall in frustration. I heard her come down. I ran to the bottom of the stairs. Stopped, my breath caught. She looked devastating. I didn’t know what to beg for more, for her not to go. I said please phone Lucy and say she could n’ go, I was sorry, please.

She looked down at me fro two steps up. She told me as I had called her s slut, she may as well at least have the fun. She was going to meet a man. This really left me stumped. I begged, pleaded. Please, please don’t.

She told me to shut up. And to sleep in the spare room, she planned to bring him back