Grahams unfaithful wife: My wife meeting another man in public while I watch

We sat opposite each other at tea time. There was an awkward silence. At least it felt awkward for me.

She broke it.

“I’m going out tonight.” I said nothing. I knew there was nothing I could do about it.

“To meet a guy.” I ignored what she said. It hurt, why did she have to rub my nose in it?

Then she hit me with it.

She said she needed me to go with her. I couldn’t ignore that. I look up… “What???” She said she was nervous about meeting a guy in public.

Hadn’t I told her to think about her safety? There was no room for debate. I went to get my shoes and coat on. Collected my car keys. Waited what seemed like an age for her to be ready.

Down she came. We headed out. She told me to go to a pub on the outskirts of town. I parked up outside. She said I was to wait there for five minutes before going in. She didn’t want to be seen with me. She took my wallet, emptied it then left me sitting there.

I waited five minutes precisely. Followed her in. I was driving. It was a biker pub. I was driving a car, so was the only guy with a soft drink, not dressed like anyone else there. I looked around. I could see my wife. In a black leather miniskirt, low cut t shirt and her devastatingly sexy thigh high black leather boots. She fitted in much better. She was talking to a guy at the end of the bar. He was far too young for her. Tall, long black hair. Beard. Tattoos. Looked like he hadn’t washed for a week. She had been right to be cautious. Not her type at all.

She had her back to me. But I could see she was flirting with him. He put his hand on her arse. I saw her move. I was thinking she was trying to get away.But it became obvious. She was squirming into it. She downed her drink. it looked like a large white wine. I saw her hand him a £20 note. My £20 note. He got another couple of drinks. I sipped my lemonade. He was leaning back against the wall. She was stood with a foot either side of one of his. She was edging forward. Then she was rubbing herself up against his thigh. She was practically riding his leg. The place was poorly lit, but I wasn’t the only person that saw it. I even saw him and the barman exchange a knowing glance.

Then he made like he was reaching for his pocket. I saw the back of her skirt riding up a bit. Her hands were on his waist. His hand in her skirt. Right up between her legs. I couldn’t believe it. It looked like she was riding his hand, Then I realised she was. She was getting fingered in full view of the room. Her movements on his hand may have started subtly, but she soon got into it. Was squirming down. Gradually sliding her feet further apart. Eventually she was fucking his hand, and it was obvious from a mile away. I could see the lace tops of her stockings, a glimpse of naked skin above.

The room quietened. Everyone was staring in disbelief. At last the barman intervened. A very loud clearing of his throat. A nod to the room, and the doors at the back. He struggled to pull his hand away. My wife clinging to his elbow. Trying to keep him there. His hand on her lower back, directing her before him. I could see a glisten of her juices on three of his fingers.

Every head in the place turned as they passed. He directed her straight to the gents. The women were tutting, the guys were chuckling as they went in. I waited a couple of minutes. Hoping everyone else would come out, but people were going in and not returning. I went in, there was quite a crowd in there. It was clear they were locked in a cubicle. I could see two guys stood on the toilet in the next one looking over the divider. Enjoying the show. I could hear her slurping. There were at least another ten guys stood around. People occasionally shouting. ‘Make her gag’. ”Make her swallow it’. ‘Cum in her face’. ‘No on her tits’. ‘Yeah, make her get her tits out’. ‘We all wanna see her tits’

His voice came back over, “sure.” the slurping stopped. There was a rustling of clothing. The guys looking over the divder gave a whoop. I could hear her gagging. Gagging hard on his cock. One by one guys started jumping up, catching the top of the cubicle and looking over. Everyone was taking it in turns to get an eyeful. Someone turned to me, said ‘Go on man’ I shook my head, but was pushed to the front anyway, two guys lifted me, I grabbed the top of the cubicle. Peered over. There she was, deep throating him. Top on the floor, just her sexy black bra, and the straps were slipped down off her shoulders. One hand seemed to be tickling balls, the other playing with a nipple. Her eyes rolled up. She saw I was watching. She didn’t flinch, just kept sucking.

His breathing was getting ragged. He shouted to his audience, ‘Guys, tits face or mouth??’ I knew what he was asking. I was horrified. There was a little debate amongst the various watchers, but a consensus soon developed. They were chanting ‘tits, tits, tits, tits’

People were holding their phones over the top of the cubicle, taking photos. One guy started to film a video. We heard him tell her ‘You can hear, on your tits bitch’ And her reply ‘Sure babe’ And we heard him cum. People taking photos as he did. One guy shouted he had got the money shot. Showing it to everyone. I took a quick glance. There she was, perched on the toilet. Mouth open, tongue and tits out for all to see. Looking straight up at the camera while a bit fat glob of his jizz flying towards her tits.

I left, returned to my lemonade. The pub seemed pretty empty compared to all the action in the toilets.

I sipped. Hoping we could go home soon. A text arrived. From my wife. Telling me to go to the car, we needed to give ‘Jon’ a lift home. Of course, I immediately complied, went to the car. they were already there. She was all over him. Touching feeling. I opened up, they both got in the back. I asked where we were going. No one turned to me, just muttered a road name, the other side of town. A pretty downmarket area to be honest. Her hand was on his cock. Massaging, their tongues were right down each others throats. I could smell the cum on her. He was groping roughly at her tits, then her arse then her tits again. She was squirming into it.

I set off, headed to the ring road. As I stopped at the lights I could see her skirt up around her waist. He was finger fucking her. Her tits were jiggling as she met his movements. I looked back at them in the mirror again at the next lights, she was lying down now. He was on top of her she was rubbing against him. Even I could see she wanted him to fuck her.

I drove off again. I felt a hand on my seat. My wife’s voice. “I can’t wait, pull in at the next lay-by” I glanced back, confused, but saw a sign, pulled over. Her voice was urgent. She told me to move the seats forward, I leant across put the passenger seat as far forward as it would go. “Yours too bitch” It hut that she spoke to me like that in front of him. I leant down, lifted the lever. There was a hard shove forward on my seat from behind. I was sat with my knees against the steering column, face right up to the windscreen. Her panties were flung forward. Hitting the side of my face then falling onto my thigh. They were soaked.She was pulling frantically down at his jeans. And she was begging him for it. ‘Fuck me, fuck me now baby, fuck me’ And he did, I saw her hand take his cock. Guiding it into her hungry pussy. Her hands on his arse. A long slow yesssss as he slid his full length in. Him in-between those thigh high boots I loved so. £650 she had made me pay for them, and there he was. Inbetween them, fucking her. I squirmed in the drivers seat. The car was rocking now. Windows steaming up.

She wrapped her legs around him, he was humping at her with more urgency Her head was turned to the side. She had here eyes shut, her mouth open and tongue out and was panting. She looked so dirty.

Then she came. He wasn’t finished. She kissed at him, I heard her whisper a question, if he wasnted to do her from behind. He nodded. Before I knew it she was putting her arse up in the air for him, and he was fucking her like crazy. Grunting. I could see her hand tapping at her clit. Then reaching back to cup his balls, then he came inside her, shouting out loud and long..

They sat close, his arm around her as I drove him home. They kissed long and hard after I pulled up outside his house, and eventually we made our way home. She commented how my car would be smelling through the week, to remind me of a good night. I stepped out, waited for her to close her door. She beckoned me to her, said she had something to show me. Pointing toward the seat her hand at the back of my head. “Look at that” I could see it by the interior light. A wet sticky stain on my, MY car seat. I wondered for a moment what it was. But soon realised, It was the big load of his cum she had leaked out of her cunt. She shoved my head down, called me bitch and made me lick it up.

Only then did she let me back into the house