Grahams unfaithful wife: My wife sending me text messages while she is with her lover

Weekend came. It was Saturday morning. I woke up next to her. Aching, she got up started applying makeup. Said what a big day it was going to be. I squirmed in anticipation. Began to think what I might do with her once she let me out. Remembering how she had pinned me down and made me lick some guys cum from her pussy, I decided I needed to show her she couldn’t use me like that.

But until I got out I would have to do as she said. I waited. Hoping.

She snapped her fingers. Made me go to her panty drawer. And pick out something sexy. She had always been a tease but this was torture. I picked out a red and black basque, her tits bulged over the top. fishnet stockings from the attached suspenders. Slutty stiletto heels.

I grinned as I said she wouldn’t need panties. And she complied with all my wishes. I dressed her like a proper whore.

Anything else? she asked. I shook my head. I could barely wait. I asked if she was ready to unlock me. there was a awkward silence. She picked up a long coat, slipped her arms into it. Said I was being silly. I should stop it. If I ehaved she would let me out tomorrow, bu I should know better than to think this was for me.

I swallowed. Not for me? I tried to reply. My bulging cock hurt so.

She told me to come on. Get the keys. She needed a lift. I tried to protest with a ‘b b b but….’ there was no choice but to scamper ate her. We got in the car. She said ‘Croydon’. I started. Obediently drove. She was putting a postcode in the sat nav. Murmuring how she was looking forward to this.

She turned to me. A cruel, teasing smile on her lips. Asked if I could picture her with a black man. My heart nearly stopped. I bit my lower lip and kept silent. I thought I might fuck her in the arse when I was finally let out.

She went further. ‘How about two?’ I couldn’t help but react. It was what she wanted. She was deliberately hurting and humiliating me. Weakly I said ‘Please don’t’. That seemed pretty funny to her.

We drove most the rest of the way in silence. She played with her phone. Occasionally making me look at the dick pics these two guys were sending. I pleaded with her not to. To think of her safety.What if there was a whole gang of guys waiting to use her? Her response was totally inappropriate. ‘I wish…’

She asked me if I was jealous. Jealous of all the cock she was getting. I didn’t want to talk about it. Of course I didn’t. Asked if I wanted some cock myself. This made me even more angry. Of course I didn’t. She persisted. Saying she thought I would be really good at it. If I hadn’t tried it, how did I know I wouldn’t like it.

I tried to ignore it. Not to hear. But her words cut me. At last she played her ace. Wasn’t I meant to be obeying her every word if I wanted to cum again?

My chin quivered. She laughed, patted my knee and said I shouldn’t worry. She wasn’t going to make me. At least not this weekend.

We arrived.She said I was to keep my phone on. She would be staying in touch. And to wait. I asked how long she would be. She said it was none of my business. I saw her walk up a driveway. A big black buy opened the door, and she opened her coat. I knew she had practically nothing on under that coat. I knew she was dressed like a whore. I has chosen to dress her that way and I knew what they would think. I peered. There was a massive black guy who opened the door. She opened her coat to show him. I could see his eyes widen from where I was. Then there was another guy. In she went.

It was scarcely five minutes before my phone buzzed. A picture sent. Her, with a massive, a truly massive black cock. She was licking it. Then another, a hand and her mouth. Two big black cocks. She was really doing it. She was giveing herself like a slut to two big black men. I was meekly waiting in the car for her to finish. Or them to finish with her.

It was another ten minutes before the next message. Text said ‘in he bathroom to clean myself up’ There she was. Cum spattered on her face, neck tits. Dribbling down her chin.

Another message. ‘Back for more, can’t wait for them to destroy my pussy’.!!

It was like she was enjoying showing me everything that was happening.

Another picture arrived. It appeared she was on all fours. I could see a man’s balls, but his cock was buried deep inside her.

Then a voice call. I answered, Her voice sounded distant, like it was a handbag call. I could hear her panting. I knew she was getting fucked by that big cock. And then she spoke. ‘Hey Marcus… in my mouth….. I want you both….. yes guys… spitroast me….. please…. I want you both’

Then her words were muffled. I heard her choke and gag..

She was getting done from both ends, I knew she was. I listened to every sound… until they reached the crescendo of orgasm.

She called me from the bathroom to tell me. Tell me that she had just had them both at once.

That after this I “wouldn’t even touch the sides” as she so delicately put it. She moaned about being so full of cum, then said she was heading back. They were going t swap ends.

A succession of photos arrived.

Her on all fours being done from behind.
Then with her mouth side open, teasing a big black cock,
Sucking the cock, a guy about to enter her from behind.
Being rammed from behind, tonguing a big black cock head

Finally lying, her hair, face, sexy underwear and thighs all spattered with cum.

A final text. She needed some sleep. Said she would see me in the morning. I replied furious. Did she expect me to just wait here? Couldn’t she at least sleep in the car?

No reply. I called. Her phone was turned off.

I struggled to get any sleep that night. It was cold, uncomfortable, and my poor cock and balls ached. The birds were singing, I had just dropped off, and a knock on the car window. There she was. She looked a state, with streaked eye makeup and smudged lipstick. She waved extravagantly to one of her lovers, got in the car.

She absolutely stank of cum,

“Wow…” she said.

“Just wow… lt me tell you all the details”

I drove her home.