Grahams unfaithful wife: The office affair

I was still smarting from my previous humiliation.

I hadn’t even been able to look my wife in the eye. So I spent a lot of time looking down. Staring at her boots, which only made me want her more.

She wasn’t bothered at all. She was shameless.

We were sat at home. She was doing something on her phone. Again. Then she spoke.

‘I’ve got a problem at work….” I was listening but said nothing. She asked if I remembered Clive. I did. He was a younger guy, about 30. A slimy cocky salesman/. I really didn’t like him at all.

She said he had found her dating profile on line. I wasn’t surprised. He was just that sort of guy.

I just knew this sort of thing was going to happen.

She said she needed to keep him quiet. Unless I wanted the whole world to know I couldn’t satisfy her. She was grinning. I knew she was going to get fucked by him. I think I would rather not have known. Anyway, she told me she was meeting him early in her office to discuss the matter.

She didn’t seem worried at all. In fact, she seemed to be looking forward to it.

She said I would need to drive her there tomorrow,. She was going for a drink after work.

She told me that Clive hadn’t realised I had accepted she needed to get her satisfaction elsewhere. He thought he was blackmailing her over me finding out. She was giggling when she told me he got off on that.

“I suppose I’ll have to fuck him a few times” she said. “Perhaps a regular weekly blowjob will keep him quiet after that”

I couldn’t believe she was talking like this. But I knew better than to offer an opinion. We got to her office well before 8. I stopped the car to drop her off. She said I needed to park. Carry her stuff in. I hurried after her. She swiped her card, I carried her handbag and opened the doors.

Took her bag all the way to her desk. She demanded her lipstick from it, I searched, found it. She applied bright red to her lips. I asked if I could go. But she was jumping up. Ordering me through clenched teeth to get under the desk. He was here. Clive.

I hid. heart thumping. Heard the door go. His voice. ” Hello ‘Unsatisfied SLUT wife”… I knew that was the name on her profile. He walked over. I was on my hands and knees, as far back into the leg spece under her desk as I could get. He sat on her desk. Said it would be a shame if I found out. She was sat in her office chair. Looking up at him. Said she really wasn’t too bothered what I thought. Called me a useless, dickless bitch.

He was a bit surprised, I thought for a moment she was going to stand up to him. But then she said she should defend what there was left of her reputation. She was licking her lips. Unbuttoning her blouse. She reached forward. I heard his zip go down, I could see his feet dangling. She pulled the chair forward, leaving me no space under the desk. Rested her heels on my thighs. I tried to breathe quietly.

She said perhaps she could persuade him to think again before he told everyone.She would make it worth his while. I couldn’t see above the desk. But I could see her movement. She was sucking him. And I could hear the ‘pop’ as she sucked hard while pulling his cock-head out of her mouth.

She pushed one of her feet between my thighs. The sole of her heeled shoe softly massaging at my cock. I felt wonderful, but I was still in her chastity device. I was so horny and desperate. I could have cried. Her knees were far apart She reached under the desk, grabbed at my arm. Pulled my hand out. Directed it up her skirt. It was clear what I had to do. Finger her. Pleasure her with my hand while she sucked her colleague’s cock.

I could hear him really getting into it. I could hear her gagging as she deep-throated him. She stopped for a moment. Suggested he get into the chair, sit at the desk just like it was working hours. He did. She backed up under the desk, he sat in the chair. One of her heeels was pressing back between my legs. As she bobbed it hurt me. More and more. Felt like it was getting sharper.

She wiped a load of slobber and cock juice from her mouth, reached behind. Grabbed at my chin. Her fingers probing at my lips. I turned my head away, but she pushed yet harder with her heel. I knew what I needed to do. I opened my mouth, let her put her dirty fingers in. And she thrust them in and out. Like she was fucking my mouth. She even made me gag. But I suppose he must just have thought it was her again.

She sucked and sucked him, Eventually stopping to ask if he was going to fuck her now. She got up, turned, bent over the desk. He went straight at it. Ramming into her. Calling her a filthy whore. A dirty bitch. She said yes, yes, yes.

I could see her feet wide apart, Her stockinged legs His between them work trousers and boxers around his ankles.

I just cowered beneath her desk.

He said she’d fuck anyone. She said yes. Said she’d do anything for him, She said yes. He slapped at her arse, and came inside her.

I saw his hands lift up his trousers. He mumbled something about going t get cleaned up. I heard the door go. She reached under the desk, grabbed a fistful of my hair. Pulled me out. was whimpering and scared. She sat back in her chair, legs spread wide, she shoved my face in. Said “lick it up”, “Suck it bitch”. So I sucked it. Sucked out a big glob of sticky cum, and swallowed it down when she said. Then I tongued at her clit until she came. She stood, wriggled her arse as she pulled her skirt down. She picked up her wet panties, shoved them into my pocket. Said I’d better take them. Started to fix her smudged lipstick.

After she had sorted her makeup, she let me go to work.