Queen of spades: Cyber fun turns into real fun

My hubby was getting in my way. Always there when I was trying to set up a meet.

Messing around with the wii when I was setting up meets. Just being a general pain in my arse.

I was keeping him in the spare room. Hadn’t let him touch me in months.

And I got into a bit of cyber fun. You know, on line sex. With this guy. He was 30. ‘In a relationship’ but looking for fun.

Much like myself. And he seemed to be really into the whole skype thing, so I thought I’d give it a go.

First time we chatted, I just sat there is my sexiest underwear. He wanked. Felt a bit weird, but afterwards he emailed me. He was absolutely loving it.

So I went gradually further and further. I was spending hours in the back room. In front of the web cam.

It was only a matter of time before my hubby walked in. I was in just my underwear. Heels, stockings, and my bra strap was down. I was flicking at my nipple with a finger. His jaw dropped as he blundered in. I shooed at him with my hand furiously. He sheepishly backed away. Still, I’m sure he must have heard the voice of the guy on the other end. But that was his problem.I continued to give him a show. We went further and further. Pretty soon I was dressing like a slut and cumming all over my rampant rabbit.

Seemed my Hubby was always at the door. Making some sort of excuse. It annoyed me at first, but I got used to it. I just ignored him. Things just escalated. eventually I was there, legs splayed in front of the webcam pumping myself with my vibe. Pussy slurping, I could feel my orgasm building. Then the door opened. Stupid fucking idiot. looking back it was probably the closest he could get to sex. I was too close, I just carried on. Head back, I came over my vibe for my online lover. Hubby just scuttled away.

It was hot all this long distance play. But I now waned a cock for real. Since putting my husband on the spare room, I had hardly got laid at all. I needed it.

I dropped some hints to my online guy. We joked and chatted. He actually wasn’t that far away. W agreed to meet in starbucks in the next town. About 2 miles away.

I drove over. Dressed up for a date, but nothing too obvious. My sluttiest clothing underneath.

We met, sipped coffee, chatted. He said he had a flat nearby. He didn’t live with his girlfriend, and anyway, she was away for the weekend. He was inviting me back. I was actually going to get some cock at ;last.

So I headed back with him.

And he fucked me. It must have been all the pent up desire from the online play. But he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. He did me bent over in the hallway, before we were even properly through the door. He did me on the sofa. In his bed, bent over the end of his bend. He even did me in the kitchen when I went to get a glass of water.

I hadn’t been fucked like this for years. Or actually, ever. I was exhausted. Eventually I just fell asleep. I was woken by someone playing with my nipples. There was a moment’s panic when I opened my eyes, then I remembered where I was. The room was dark, I wondered what time it was, but wanted to treat him anyway.I went down on him and sucked.

Sucked at him until he was grunting, holding my head and bucking his hips.. I was licking his head like crazy when he came. Spurting into my mouth and over my chin. I licked up the mess from my face, grinning a him, glanced at the clock. I couldn’t believe it. It was after 7am. already.

I swallowed the last of his cum down. Had no time for a shower. There were sticky bits where our cum had dried on my thighs.

I could feel a sticky mess in my panties as I rushed to my car.

I drove home. My husband was at the door furious. I tried to fix my hair as I walked up the drive, but my fingers got caught in something wet an sticky, there was a big glob of his cum still in my hair.

I stank of cum. He began to rant at me, but I saw him catch his breath, wrinkle his nose. I grinned at him. Knowing there was nothing he could do, pushed past to the shower.