Queen of spades: Husband looking through the window at his unfaithful wife

My first online date had been just perfect. I hadn’t stopped thinking about him, and how his big cock felt inside me. But it didn’t really satisfy me. It just made me want a proper fuck even more.

And a proper fuck is just what my husband wasn’t.

I needed more. I was still getting plenty of replies to my ‘Queen of Spades’ advert. There was this guy who had messaged me a couple of times. Tom.

A 32 year old married guy. He wanted to fuck me. He was pretty direct. Said he wanted to ram my pussy and leave me moaning.

At first I thought it was a bit of a cheek, but after that first guy, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. He sent me a pic of his cock. I said I wasn’t interested, but still I didn’t delete it. Kept looking at it before I masturbated. And I sent him flirty messages. My husband was going out for most of Saturday. Watch some sport in the pub with friends.

I was pretty happy about that. Messaged Tom. Asked him if he was watching sport on Saturday. He said he was hoping something better would turn up. I sent him a pic of my pussy.

We arranged to meet Saturday lunchtime in a pub. One I knew didn’t have a big sports screen. We met. He was in good shape. taller than my husband. Confident, flirty, cheeky.

I was in my thigh high boots. And I was wet. At the bar his hand was on my arse. I commented he was interested in only one thing.

He said, no. He wanted to use my mouth as well. I checked my watch. Hubby was due out by one. Wouldn’t be back until after five. It was ten past one now. If we nipped back to my place, I would have chance to change the sheets before he returned,

So I invited him back. He grinned. Followed me out with his hand still on my arse. I was alarmed for a moment when I saw my husband’s car in the drive. But remembered he was going drinking. Still I let him in the back door to be sure he was out. The house was silent. A note on the kitchen table. He was out. Perfect. Tome was onto me. One hand at my tits, the other playing with the hem of my short skirt. Roaming around, moving between my thighs. I parted my feet a little. He didn’t need a second invitation. His fingers were sliding along my slit, parting my labia. Pretty soon he was finger fucking me, stirring around and around. I was beginning to think I was going to cum all over his hand, but I could feel him slowing. I wanted a look at his cock. To see what I was going to be getting. Sat in one of the kitchen chairs, I got his jeans and boxers down. I was not disappointed. A good, thick seven or eight inches. Nice swollen red head. Good and hard. I got him sat on the edge of the kitchen table, Sat in a chair facing him. I just had to have a taste. I looked up at him as I licked his length, Stroked his cock head with my lower lip. Teasing him. Putting on a sweet school girl voice. Asking if I could have my lollipop.

He really needed it now. Said I should just fucking suck it. I don’t know what came over me. I teased him some more. Flicked his head rapidly with my tongue. Looked right up at him. Asked if he was going to ‘make’ me do it.

He grunted. Grabbed my head and face fucked me. Making me gag, making my eyes water, taking my mouth and using it mercilessly. I could taste sick on the back of my tongue, but I loved it. I loved the way he used me. It was the best meal I’d ever had at that kitchen table

He stopped for breath, I gave his balls a good tonguing. Stood. It was time for my pussy to get some action so I hiked my skirt, parted my legs and bent over the table. As I did I thought I heard the garage door open. My heart leapt in fear, but I decided it was next door. I got my face down and my arse up.

He got straight into me. Grabbing my hips, fucking me hard and rhythmically. Occasionally stopping to grind around at me. I turned my head put my face flat against the cold table. He was banging me so hard the table was moving. I heard a chair fall, then it was pushed hard against the wall, and he was banging my thighs against the edge of the table top. There was going to be bruising, I could feel it. I wash pushing back as hard as I could, back arched, but still he was ramming me against the table.

He reached beneath me, I got my arm out of his way, let him have my tit. He tore my top, yanked my bra strap from my shoulder, grabbed my tit, pinched my nipple. He was pulling me back onto his big fat cock. I started moaning. I was loving this.

Suddenly, that noise of the garage door again. Louder this time. It must be ours. But hubby surely couldn’t be back yet, I thought. With my head already turned to one side I could see the kitchen window clearly, but was pushed too low down to see the garage.

I was sure it was our garage,but I couldn’t ask Tom to stop. I didn’t want him to. I needed to cum.

There was a shadow at the window. Tom was pulling harder on my nipple now, I was slamming back into him. Then I saw him. My husband. At the window, looking right at us.

His jaw dropped, he stared at us in confused surprise. We made eye contact as I bit my lip. I could feel it building, the sight of him there, humiliated, seeing me get fucked over our kitchen table, it just sent me over the edge, I came. He must have heard it. It was so loud half the street must have heard it. Poor little hubby, just stood there, Tom grabbed both my tits now. I used my body to work his cock. I might have cum, but he hadn’t. I wasn’t going to deny him just to save that sad little man’s feelings.

I turned away from the window, got up on my elbows. Tom let go of my tits and grabbed my hips. I could feel the pace building. I could hear him panting. One hand lifted from my arse. Came down with a hard SLAP. I shouted out a little oww. Then again, and again, and again. Each time a little louder I said oww for him. He spanked me and fucked me and eventually he came. I felt him shoot deep into my pussy emptying his balls in me.

I stood slowly. He tapped my arse some more, I turned to look back over my shoulder at him. As I did so, I saw my husbands face still staring in horror at the window. My torn top didn’t cover me at all. My skirt was up around my waist. Tom was doing up his jeans and thanking me. I was dribbling his cum onto our kitchen floor.

Tom, said he’d see himself out. As Tom moved to the back door I saw my husband scuttle away.