Queen of spades: Unfaithful wife fucked in the car by her lover

After my time with Tom, I was kind of expecting some trouble at home. I mean, my hubby had seen me fucked senseless by some random guy over our kitchen table. Surely he would have something to say, right?

Wrong. He didn’t even look me in the eye when I next saw him. Didn’t have the balls to confront me. He is so pathetic. Just niggled at me with stupid little things.

I eventually lost my temper with him. Sent him to sleep in the spare room, played with my rampant rabbit until I screamed. I screamed Tom’s name all over the house.

Still he said nothing.

I checked the replies to my ad again. I wanted a black man. Dark skin. Strong. Assertive and most importantly with a big, fat cock. there was this guy, Leroy. He was really dark sinned. Lean, married. Said he was looking to make a white woman his bitch.

I knew my friends would be horrified, but as soon as I read it I was wet. I wanted him. I replied. Said I couldn’t accommodate (because hubby was being so awkward and selfish) but would love to meet.

He said he would e in his car in Tesco car park. Tomorrow 5:30 p.m. I should walk up, and he would tell me if I could get in, so I should dress right for what he wanted.

So at around 4:30 next day I was stepping out of the bath. Pulling on fishnet stockings. Stepping into a mini skirt putting on a low cut top. No bra, no panties, leather jacket. And my thigh high boots.

I was primping my hair in the hall mirror when my husband saw me. He stared at me,what I was wearing, like he couldn’t quite take it in.

“What the fffff?????”

I just told him I was off out to get a real man’s cock inside me. He looked really hurt. I felt guilty for a short moment as I walked down the drive, hailed a cab to Tesco.

I felt like a prostitute as I walked across the car-park. I knew his car reg number. Saw it, parked in the furthest corner, a big, battered old Mercedes. He was sat smoking something, window open, music blaring. I leant in at his window. Arse out. Asked if I could join him. He looked straight down my top at my tits. Said “Perhaps”, But I should know, if I got in his car, I was his bitch. He was going t use me however he wanted. If I was a good girl, he might allow me a bit of lube. I said I was soaked already. He gave a deep throaty chuckle. Said that kind of depended where he chose to put his cock.

I was a bit taken aback. He leant across, opened the passenger door, said ‘in bitch’.

Obediently, I slid my arse onto the passenger seat, He leant across, pulled the lever, with a jerk the seat slid back. He told me to get on my knees. He wanted me kneeling in the foot-well.

I was still bring a bit cheeky, flirty, playful. I said sure. Gave a little lick of my lips. In no time he was sat in the passenger seat, his big, black cock out, head poking through the foreskin the colour of chocolate ice cream. I was kneeling in the cramped space in front of him. He grabbed my hair. Told me to suck it, and to suck it good. Called me bitch. I started teasing him with my tongue, There was a sudden hard SLAP to my face, I gasped, lifted my hand to my stinging face.

“I said SUCK” He grabbed my head with both hands, I opened wide for him and he used my head like a wank aid. I gagged and choked. I let my hands fall, each lightly touching one of his ankles, and totally submitted my mouth to him. I spluttered as he stopped. To tell me when he said suck, he meant suck. He slapped my face again. Said suck. So I sucked him some more. I sucked hard and deep. He was still controlling my head. Using me. And it was making me wet.

He yanked me off again. Said I was going to suck whenever and whatever he said. I was still swallowing the taste of sick from my mouth. Nodded, murmured a yes. He slapped my face again. Even harder. I had to say yes SIR. And I sucked some more. I had to say I was a suck bitch. I was his suck bitch. And I sucked whatever he said. And I did. I said and did whatever he wanted. I could feel and hear him getting close. I could taste it. I sucked like crazy. I so wanted him to cum in my mouth.

He yanked my head off again, I made dirty slurping sounds as he did. He pointed to the car gear stick. Said suck. I hesitated for only half a second, and he slapped my face again. so I sucked it. I sucked his car. He was pushing my head down making me gag. He reached down with his other hand, lifted my skirt and spanked my bare arse. Hard. Said a bitch shouldn’t hesitate. I gagged some more. He said I should get it good and wet. Then he pulled me off. And I sucked him again.

I sucked and sucked, and at last I felt him throbbing in my mouth. I knew it was coming, I sucked a bit harder, opened my eyes looked up at him and he unloaded. I was thick creamy cum, I loved it, rolled it over my tongue. He said ‘Swallow bitch’ I swallowed i greedily. licking off every last drip from his tip.

I was soaked. The cheeks on my face and arse still stung from his slaps. My skirt was still up around my waist. He said his car was like his right hand man. Pointed to the gear stick again. Told me to get on it. I moved my head to suck some more, he stopped me with a slap. Said I had to do it with my pussy. I didn’t dare hesitate again. I got one knee on wither front seat, my hand back between my legs, spreading my pussy. Working it in. It was a wooden gear-stick handle. Big but I knew it would go, I felt it pass my entrance, then slid slowly down. He slapped my arse again. I moaned, and again and again. He leant across, I heard keys jangle, then the sound of the starter motor. The gear-stick vibrated violently in me as the car started, and I came, riding his ‘right hand man’.

He said I was a dirty bitch, the car engine was running, gear-stick still vibrating in my pussy. He slapped m arse some more, Moved behind me. Spread my arse-cheeks. I moaned bent down further. I knew what he was going to do. He spat and worked it into my butt hole. Squirted something cold and wet. I don’t know what. I felt his huge cock head Pushing, pushing. I whimpered, forced myself to relax, felt him surge forward. A moment of far, thinking he might split me in two. Then slowly he began to work his length in. Slapping at my arse as he did. Gear-stick still vibrating in me. And he fucked my arse. Grinding deep into me. Stretching me. I could hardly move as me pumped one hole and his car worked my other. My pussy streamed juice over his gear stick. He rammed me, calling me a dirty white whore. And I loved it. He pulled out and I reached back, pinching my clit so I could cum again. He shot his load all over my arse cheeks, then spanked it into my arse. Pulled my skirt own over it. And I left.

I could feel his cum drying. Sticking my skit to my arse as I walked home. Sore, used, but satisfied.