The first time I was cuckolded

Things weren’t going that well.But I was kind of used to it. Mainly just tetchy arguments here and there. But the sex was good. Really good. That was how we made up.

Then one day there was some petty dispute about something. And she really lost it. I didn’t mind. I was used to her yelling. But then she hit me with it. Screamed at the top of her voice that I was shit in bed.

It got to me. I was just as loud and clear that I was not. It got childish. She said she couldn’t give a shit if we never fucked again. She could hardly feel me anyway. I said she wouldn’t be able to go more than a couple of days without me. She’d be begging for it.

Then she said we should try it. Not fuck for a week and then we’d see. ‘Sure’ I said. Bring it on. She walked out. I was left with a nervous uncomfortable feeling. What if she wasn’t that bothered? I bit my lip. If we just avoided any fighting for the week, we could then make up.

A couple of days passed, then she told me. Without even looking up from her phone, that she was going out. With Lucy. Off upstairs she went. I didn’t like Lucy. I didn’t want them hanging around together. But I bit my tongue and said nothing. I heard her in the shower, in the bedroom getting ready, then coming down the stairs, I went to see her. She really had dressed up. Exceedingly short skirt, waist length leather jacket. Black thigh high suede boots. I looked her up and down. I really did not want her going out looking like that. I told her how good she was looking, she shot back a thanks, before I could say anything else she was gone. telling me not to wait up, she would be back late.

I went and sank down onto the sofa. flicked tv channels up and down. Picked up the iPad and went to, to watch the hot cam girls. I knew she didn’t expect me to wait up, but I thought I kind of should. I wanked myself off watching porn, put the iPad down and dozed in front of the TV.

I woke suddenly. It was 1:30 and it was a key in the door that had woken me. It was her. I heard her staggering in, slurring a goodbye. There was a car in the street.

I went to see her. She was giggling. Clearly drunk. It was a bit annoying, but I thought I’d better let it pass. I helped her up the stairs. She said she needed to go to the bathroom. I headed to bed. And thought to myself, that with her being so drunk, I could just fuck her. I grinned. This was perfect.

She returned. I was stood naked waiting as she came through the door. I kissed her on the mouth. Let my hands wander. She responded. I know she responded. She tasted, smelt of alcohol. I was determined to fuck her mercilessly like a drunken slut. I grabbed her arse cheeks, started working her skirt up over her dirty slut arse. Despite having cum earlier in the evening, I was as hard as hell. I was moving her back to the bed. Her skirt was by now up over her waist, I could just get her onto the bed and fuck her as she was. We fell onto the bed. Her legs wide open, ready. Then she grabbed a fistful of my hair. Tugging me down. She was very clearly and definitely saying ‘No’. I was furious about this. She was reminding me our week wasn’t half done yet. She shoved my head down. Hard. And again harder. She said she wouldn’t mind a bit of oral.

I acquiesced. Let her force me down, to her pussy. When I got there she had no knickers on. I was shocked, stopped to ask her what the hell. She said she had just left them in the bathroom. I kissed her lower lips. She had a tight grip on m head. She was really being aggressive this evening. It was the drink I told myself. I might as well go with it. So I kissed and sucked at her. Her juices were unusual. Creamy, with a really distinct taste. It was disgusting actually. I recoiled at is in my mouth, but she wrapped her legs around me, forcing me in. Hands on my head, then pretty soon she was squirming into my face. Using it. That taste still in my mouth. Her juices were flowing, tasting a lot more normal now.

She came loud and hard. Shouting something about toes and knees. rolled away, kicked her shoes off, threw her clothes away and turned to go to sleep. I was pretty peeved I said I wanted my cock sucked. In an already really sleepy voice she told me no, couldn’t possibly after all that drink, She’d be sick all over me. Within a minute or two she was snoring. I was lying there. Hard. Frustrated.

I got up, went downstairs and wanked to some more porn. Girls bent over taking it from behind. Next morning she was hungover. And I was pissed off. I was trying to complain about her behaviour when she picked up the iPad, went straight to the internet history. Started reading out titles of the short videos I’d been watching. Smirking at me. Enjoying my embarrassed discomfort.

I was defeated. babbling as I tried to explain it away. She asked if I’d had a nice date with my hand. My face was crimson.

She was getting angry now. I stood there, head bowed, absorbing the verbal onslaught. She told me I was pathetic. Playing with myself, watching porn. Perhaps my cock would be a bit bigger if I could keep my hands off it. Perhaps she wouldn’t need to go out with Tony then.

My heart stopped. I asked who was Tony. She Looked at me, seeming genuinely surprised. Tony was her man. Tony was the guy whose floor she had left her knickers on last night. Tony was the guy whose cum I had sucked from her pussy last night.

I felt genuinely sick. She didn’t seem in the least bit sorry, or even self conscious about it. I’m sure that taste had returned to my mouth.

She said I deserved it. She had a right to proper sex. To a proper cock. A week was nothing. I would have to wait a month before she would think about sex with me again.

She turned to leave. I was broken. Incapable of response. I felt emotionally numb. At the door she turned and dealt the final crushing blow. She was going out with Tony again tonight.

I said nothing as she got ready. I didn’t look at her as she left. I couldn’t bear to. I didn’t wank as I sat, silent in front of the TV. Waiting for her return. My phone buzzed. A text from her. Asking me to put clean sheets on the bed. I rushed to comply. I had just finished when another text arrived. I needed to go to the spare room. She was bringing Tony back. I immediately replied. Refusing. There was a slight pause. Then another text. I could say in bed and watch them if I wanted. Maybe pick up a few tips.

I sent a final text pleading with her not to do this. An immediate reply. I could sleep where I wanted, but she was going to bed with Tony.

I meekly collected some stuff and went to the cold of the spare room. Shut the door tightly and got into bed. It wasn’t long before they came crashing through the door. Loud and exuberant.

I heard him chase her upstairs. Her squealing in delighted protest as he caught her. I heard them clattering in the room next to mine. I heard the bed squeaking, and my wife crying out. I muffled conversation afterwards. The giggling throughout. Then I heard them leave.

I lay rigidly still. Stewing in my own humiliation throughout. And when he had gone, in she came. cheeks flushed with excitement. Without a word, mounting my face to give me that taste again. All the worse, this time, for knowing what it was.